Thursday October 6, 2022
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Laura, Aidan & Toby once again represented the Southern England team , Toby as a Triathlete at Pontispool in Somerset. A fantastic time was had by all despite the heat which proved problematic for some of the boys who had to do a 3 K run as it was an open class.
Laura was initially a little disappointed with her shoot but had a good ride on Chaos & as usual had a great swim and run.

Just a couple of days to recover and the Brightling’s were back on the road again this time to Offchurch Bury for the Pony Club Championships . Also representing Ashford Valley were Florence as a junior and Poppy who was selected to compete for Southern England in the new Stepping Stones mini competition.
The heat was fierce as the competitors practiced for their shoot in the Marquee on Thursday evening, in fact there was no relief for the whole competition as record breaking temperatures were reached.
Poppy got off to a great start on Friday with a fantastic 940 shoot and a super swim just shy of 5 lengths , she has also been training hard for her run as she managed a good time considering the heat.
Once again Flo’s nerves got to her in the shoot putting her well & truly at the bottom of the board.
Laura managed 700 but as everything else was strong including a brilliant clear ride she climbed up to finish in 11th place.
Florence put her shoot behind her putting in a PB swim and a great ride before finishing off with competitive run meaning she clawed her way several places up the leaderboard in the end.
Poor Poppy carefully took her time round her showjumping course in the extreme heat on Saturday after specifically being told that the course would not be timed. Unfortunately this decision was reversed and time penalties were added to initial clear rides affecting other Southern competitors who had been told the same. This meant that instead of being placed Poppy & her team mates were well down the score board , so disappointing and frustrating for them particularly as they were trying to do the right thing by their ponies. This was a new competition so hopefully things will be clearer in future.
For the older athletes the party always seems to be the highlight of the weekend with both Aidan & Toby turning up even though they for reasons of heat & soundness were not able to compete. Let’s just say everyone had a marvellous time particularly one junior who somehow still managed a strong run at 8 am the next day!
All in all a great weekend with no health or welfare issues for athletes human or equestrian in such challenging temperatures .We all learned how to put into practice the cooling & caring strategies we have often learned about theoretically.
Well done to all involved and all athletes who have competed in Tet this year, our branch has been very strongly represented at every competition. We are now looking forward to the Winter Triathlons hoping to have some qualifiers for that Final in March.

Area Tetrathlon July 22

Comphurst cross country course was the venue for the Area 11 & 13 tetrathalon .
The day started with our youngest competitors , Beanies Thomas & Wilf had great all round performances to finish 5th & 7 th respectively, well done boys!
In the tadpoles we had a double win with Freya taking the girls class & Boyd winning the boys with Ben putting in a great performance for 8th place. Zoe had also made a brilliant start winning the shoot but unfortunately felt unwell so couldn’t continue.
Our Mini girls once again did amazingly well with Poppy taking the top spot with the winning shoot & clear ride. Millie, Isla & Lilly all had a successful weekend bringing home 4 th , 5 th & 7 th rosettes.
Boris had some bad luck and was eliminated at a confusing fence ending up uncharacteristically in fourth position despite a great start in the shoot.
Florence, our only junior girl managed to qualify despite having a terrible shoot, let’s hope she can steady those nerves for the big one!
James also qualified for the boys with a good all round performance.
Aiden was obviously playing pointless shooting along with Florence so was lucky to get his ticket to champs, Toby was only along for triathlon practice but managed to win the shoot for the intermediate boys.
A convincing win in the open girls class saw Laura also gain a well deserved championship qualification.
Well done to all of our competitors , it was a hot & tiring weekend.
Good luck to everyone competing in the Senior International this week & the National Championships next week!

AVPC 30 April and 1st May

After some rather last minute scheduling changes our own eagerly awaited Tetrathalon finally rolled around!
The Saturday saw us at Duckhurst for the ride section where Laura was the only contender for the intermediate class. She and Chaos had a beautiful clear round before the course was adjusted for the junior classes.
In the boys section James & Lily made a good start but had a few problems towards the end of the rather testing course finishing on a respectable 1090 score.
Next up were the girls with Florence and new ride Melon had an enthusiastic round just having a fence down, leaving her in second place.
In the Mini boys class, Boris & Toffee had a super clear & Jacob sensibly jumped down a level with new ride Snowie.
In the girls section we had clears from Poppy, Isla , Harriet & Millie while Lilly and some of the Romney Marsh girls decided to jump the lower course to give their ponies a nice positive experience.
Another fabulous clear round from Charlie & Merlin in the Tadpoles while Ben opted for the smaller course for a lovely assisted clear.
Freya and Amelia also had clear rides while Zoe jumped down ( something we always encourage for those who are a bit unsure) in the girls Tadpole class.
Finally Wilf & Thomas, our youngest competitors did us proud with a clear round each.

Next day we all reconvened at Sutton Vallence School for the other three phases. It proved to be a fabulous venue and the day went smoothly thanks to the many volunteers from our branch as well as some grandparents and former members.
Special thanks must go to Dave Ramus from Romney Marsh and Sheila Parmenter from East Kent who oversaw the shoot & swim.

Thomas put in a solid all round performance to finish 5 th with Wilf close behind in 6 th, well done boys!

Our Tadpole Girls took team second with Freya finishing 4 th, Amelia 6 th and Zoe 7 th, great teamwork!

In the boys section Charlie took a well deserved 2 nd place with Ben in 4 th with a great run and promising shoot.

In the Mini boys class Boris & Jacob put in great all round performances to finish 2nd & 3 rd respectively and our Mini girls team won!  In a very competitive section Poppy had best shoot & swim to come a very close 2nd with Isla, Harriet, Millie & Lilly taking 3 rd , 4 th, 5th & 8 th places, great to have so many girls at this level!

In the junior classes both Florence & James took the 1st rosettes with James winning the swim and Flo winning the run.

Toby and Aidan had a friendly Triathlon competition between them to keep their hand in and as usual were pretty closely matched. As the only competitor in her class Laura also got some valuable practice in with great scores all round.

The cake stall was a resounding success, thanks to all the mums & children who helped out with that as it covered some of the costs of putting on the event.

Thanks again to everyone who helped to make the weekend so enjoyable.

East Kent Tetrathlon

AV had a great couple of days at the East Kent tetrathlon, we had competitors in every age group again , it’s lovely to have so many young members having a go whilst our seasoned veterans are still going more than a decade after they first completed for our branch! Aidan & Toby once again enjoyed a close competition with some of their friends from the Southern England squad with Toby having a lovely clear round despite the rather challenging warm up conditions at Blue Barn on the Monday. Toby finished 3 rd with Aidan not far behind in 4 th place.

James was 2 nd with a winning shoot & swim in the junior boys class & Florence was 3 rd with PB shoot in the girls section.

Boris won the mini boys class with the top shoot & a clear ride, fantastic! Jacob was 3 rd in a competitive Triathlon with a great PB run.

Our Mini Girls team goes from strength to strength taking first place with Poppy coming a close second with a lovely clear ride, Millie 3 rd also with s as clear round,  Harriet was 5 th and Lilly was 10 th with room for further improvement in her shoot, fantastic team effort girls!

Boyd carried off another great win in the Tadpole boys with an amazing all round performance . Amelia was 6 th in the girls class with a clear ride.

Our youngest competitors Thomas & Wilf came 4 th & 7 th respectively with both boys having great run times & a clear ride from Thomas.  They were in a mixed team who came 4th too, loads of rosettes for all!

National Triathlon Championships 27th March 

Florence and Poppy represented AV this weekend in the Tri Championships’ in Grantham , Lincolnshire.
They are both among the youngest in their classes at the moment, Poppy is in her first year of Mini and facing turning targets and Florence is now a Junior and has to shoot one handed.
Poppy had a pb run & swim and a fantastic 900 shoot, very well done!
Florence had a great run and a pb swim but has plenty of room for further improvement in her shoot!
Both girls had a lovely time and really enjoyed the amazing facilities and buzzy atmosphere They are hoping to qualify for future championships , maybe with their ponies as well!

5/6 March 2022

A rather chilly but brilliant weekend was had by our hardy Tet squad at the smoothly run OSB tetrathalon last weekend.
Toby & Aidan willing took time out of their A level studies to perform consistently  in a friendly competition in the open/ intermediate class coming 2 nd & 3 rd respectively, almost level pegging through the whole competition.
We only managed to field one junior this time with Florence who had a great time in the ride , run & swim but unfortunately had a 320 shoot, still managing to come fifth behind the older ,experienced girls & well ahead of the rest of the class .
In the mini boys class Boris came 3 rd with a great score in all phases and Jacob in 5 th place.
In the Mini girls we had a team of four; Harriet, Lilly, Millie and Poppy did really well to finish 2 nd as a team with Poppy winning the class with an elusive clear ride and superb 900 shoot.

Well done to Harriet & Millie who completed their first full tetrathalon along with Amelia who did really well in a competitive Tadpole girls section, definitely one to watch for the future.

Boyd had an outstanding win in the Tadpole boys class , winning both the shoot and the swim , excellent!

Wilf and Thomas did so well in the Beanie boys class , both showing great promise for the future with great all round performances in their first Tetrathalon.
Well done to all of our competitors, a great start to the season, very proud of you all, especially a couple of you who’s competition didn’t go to plan on the Saturday at the ride but who still turned up and gave it their all on Sunday

Area Triathlon 12/2/22

We were lucky with the weather for the area Triathlon qualifier held on Saturday 12 th Feb at Moat Farm by kind permission of the Ramus family & Rye pool.
We were really well represented in all age groups by some of our Tet veterans as well as lots of new faces & being the area competition standards were high with competitor coming from near & far including from other areas. For most of us this was the first competition since last summer as Covid had prevented the usual Triathlon series from taking place this winter.

Wilf did exceptionally well at his first competition coming 5 th in the Beanies section while sister Millie came 5th in the mini Girls class. Lily had a great run and swim to finish 7 th while Poppy had a superb 840 shoot & very good swim to finish 2 nd therefore qualifying for the Triathlon final in March.
Charlie moved up to tadpoles so shot for the first time, he put in solid performances in the run & swim showing great potential for the upcoming Full Tet competitions.
In the girls section, first time competitor Amelia finished 6 th in a really close competition.
Jacob was 3 rd with an improved shoot in the mini boys class.
After a disappointing shoot where as a junior she now has to shoot one handed, Florence put in a great run & swim to finish 4 th but was 2 nd in area 11 so has also qualified for the final. James has also moved up to juniors where he had the best swim by far to finish 3 rd.
Finally in the open boys class Toby had an all round steady performance to finish 4 th.
A great day for AV , we are all looking forward to the Tetrathlon competitions with our equine friends making it even more fun!

Romney Marsh Tet September 2021
Thanks to RMPC for a very friendly Tetrathlon  right at the end of the summer holidays.
Lovely to see some new members out and competing for the first time.
New member Reuben was 10th in the Beanies, what a great start!
Jacob won the Tadpoles boys section with a win in the run too.
Poppy had a clear round and was 4th in the Mini section, with new member Isabelle making a great debut for 10th place and a clear round too. 
Florence won the Junior Biathlon too
Well done everyone, look forward to seeing you over the winter for the Triathlon series.
Senior Regionals and Pony Club Championships 2021
Another great summer for us older tetrathletes! Toby, Laura and Aidan started off with a great weekend up near Leicestershire at Aylesford Equestrian centre representing Southern England for the regional Tetrathlon. We all started off with our average shoots and swims, although Aidan and Toby had to do a 4 minute swim compared to their usual 3 minute swim so they both had strong swims for their first 4 minute swim. It was then the best part of the weekend the party! With a theme of James Bond and of course there is always some boys that dress up in dresses to make it more amusing (no prizes for guessing, but no photos to be shared here!). After a couple hours sleep we then had to get up and ride round a testing and quite hilly track. Toby had a storming round on his new horse Lola flying all the tricky combinations. Unfortunately Aidan’s horse didn’t feel quite right, but Aidan made the very tough decision to retire his horse, making sure his horse always comes first. Laura came through a bit later with a strong round.  After going round the hilly cross country rounds we then had to complete the run phase. The boys again had to run further than the distance they are used to but all 3 members put in very strong runs.
After 3 days at home to recover and re-pack we headed back up the country but this time to Offchurch Bury near Leamington Spa. This time we also had our first intermediate mixed team of Laura, Toby and Aidan.  It was a very different atmosphere with mounted games and polo cross joining us this year. We started competing on the Friday with shooting and swimming. Again we all had ok shoots, but all had strong swims, Laura got a personal best of 9 lengths in the swim. 
We all walked the cross country course on Friday and a few more times before and after this. Ready to take the course on, on Saturday. It was a testing and big course for us to navigate. Unfortunately Aidan’s horse was still not quite right, but to ensure we still had a team he walked through the start box and made sure he didn’t get a big E by his name. Toby and Laura both had issues at different fences but all came home safe and sound.  It was then again time to party! This time with a theme of olympics. The party is definitely the highlight of Tetrathlon, and you get to meet so many new people all over the country. Luckily we did not have to ride the next day this time, we only had to run! So again after only a couple hours sleep, and fortunately the run was not too early in the morning. We all had good runs with Aidan and Toby both getting a PB in the run. We then had the wait for prize giving but in this time we all help each other to pack up tents and gazebos. We were thankful to have the AVHPC gazebo this year, especially at regionals when we got a bit wet!
All dressed up in our AVHPC colours we were ready for prize giving. Unfortunately no individual placing this year for us but we did manage a team 5th!
We are all excited to do it all again next year, and would love it if anyone else would like to join us, there is a space for another girl in our mixed team. It is definitely the best sport to be in!!
National postal shoot
Boris and Boyd have been competing in the national postal shoot over the summer.  Boris was joint 2nd (16th as there were a lot on the same score),  Boyd was joint 6th or 46th as again lots on the same score.  Well done boys, there were lots of much older children in that class so that’s an impressive achievement. 
Area Tetrathlon July 2021
AVH were well represented across most of the classes at Area Tetrathalon on a blistering hot weekend at Tonbridge school and Lodge Farm. Charlie and Merlin had a lovely clear ride to finish 5th in the Beanie class, definitely one to watch for the future!

Boyd, Charlie and Boris, Team AVHPC

In the Tadpole girls class Poppy won the swim & had a clear ride to finish 4th, showing that she is ready to move up to mini next season.
Boyd had a convincing win in the boys Tadpole class with a win in the shoot, the run & a clear round. Very well done!
Brother Boris was 4 th in the Mini Boys while James was 2 nd with a win in the swim. Florence was 3 rd in a competitive girls Mini class with a hard fought win in the run and a clear ride.
Izzy did brilliantly in her first ever Tet , hopefully she has got the Tet bug & we will be seeing more of her in the future.

In the intermediate classes Laura won with a clear ride , Toby came 4 th with some time penalties while Aidan rode his relatively new horse Skye carefully round for 5 th place.  As a mixed team they came 1st and were 2nd overall meaning that they qualified for the National Championships as well as being invited to compete in the Regional Senior International Tetrathlon.

Aidan and Skye safely closing her first ever tet gate.

Well done to all of our competitors and their parents for their exemplary Sportsmanship as well as their achievements.

Mid surrey tetrathlon 24th April
Lovely to see our children out doing what they love with their friends from other branches.
It was a bit of a shock to have to shoot with masks and googles on, not the day for pbs in the shooting!
Well done to Jacob who won the ride and the run in the Tadpoles and top spot overall and also to James who won the ride and the run in the Mini Boys as well as top spot too – what a great start boys!  Poppy had a clear round and  Florence had a great ride and both were 3rd in their girls sections too. 
Congratulations to new members Lillian and Violet who completed all their disciplines for the first time in a competition, and to brother Owen who was 2nd at his first tet – well done everyone and welcome to the Tet family.
Toby and Aidan moved up to open, under 25 years, so are now the smallest in the class again.  They had a good day out but not the best day over the cross country, despite looking brilliantly matching in the warm up!  
7th and 8th March
We had a great turnout of Ashford Valley athletes for the first and for the time being, last full Tetrathlon of the season at Old Surrey & Burstow.
The ride section took place at Felbridge on the Saturday where Aidan & Lauren did us proud with Aidan being the first AV boy for a good few years to compete in the open/ intermediate class. Both of them rode well with Aidan having an unlucky pole down & Lauren just having a few faults on her lovely new horse .

James completed his first round as a mini on Lily
followed by a lovely clear from Florence & Snowie, first time for them at mini as well.
The great rounds kept coming, Matilda & Tommy sailing round beautifully, Boris cool as a cucumber even though they had been held up on the journey & thought they might miss out. Lilly & Bertie were on fine form & produced another fantastic clear round, a great start for them in the tadpole class. Poppy & her new pony were a bit unsure but will be a great team once they get to know each other.  Jacob & Gemma did a beautiful round all by themselves in the big arena.
Charlie & Boyd showed what brilliant young talent we have coming through from the Beanie class.
On the Sunday we were at Copthorne school for the other three sections, incorporating the postponed Area Triathlon.
Lauren & Toby both qualified for the open Triathlon Final. Sadly this event now cancelled due to the Covid 19 outbreak.  Hopefully they will have another go next year.
There were some great personal best results in all three phases, even in the shoot , so often an AV weakness.
Run scores were strong all round & I personally saw great swimming from all of our athletes without exception.

Fantastic results at the end of a long weekend, you should all be extremely proud of yourselves. Keep up with the training if you can , hopefully we can all be back out there competing again before too long.
Anyone else who may be interested in this most fun and friendly discipline please contact me for more information.
19/1/20 On the 19th January RMPC hosted a friendly, but rather competitive pre Area Triathlon warm up. Only Florence and Jacob were able to attend, but both put in strong performances. Florence was a very creditable 3rd overall in the Mini girls, storming to first place in the run and yet another great swim.   Jacob our Tadpole boy was a respectable 4th with PB’s in both the shoot and run.


4/1/20 A very promising start to the New Year by the Ashford Valley Tetrathletes.  On 4th January 7 members attended the Area 11 Triathlon training day and Competition. Toby our sole open boy on this occasion, was nursing a leg injury. Despite this he battled on through the day to complete and pick up a respectable 5th in the process. Sister Florence in the Mini girls section continued with her great run and swim performances for a well deserved 6th place.

In the Tadpole classes, Poppy, Lilly and Jacob, all still new to shooting, had solid all round performances to finish 7th, 8th and 5th in their respective sections. Boris showing that he is now a seasoned pro, won the Tadpole boys section, taking best shoot and best swim for good measure.  Younger brother Boyd made it a good all round day by finishing 2nd in the Beanies class, taking first place in the run too.


WKM Tri  1/12/19
On a very cold day, 7 of Ashford Valley’s  triathletes received a warm welcome from West Kent Meopham. There were solid performances from all. Florence and James stepped up to the Mini’s for the first time. Florence had a brilliant PB and first place in the swim coming 3rd overall, with James taking 4th in the boys section. In the younger categories Boyd came 3rd in the Beanies, with Boris 2nd and Jacob 3rd in the Tadpole boys section. Poppy finished in 5th place in a large and competitive Tadpole girls section. Finally Toby picked up 3rd place in the Junior boys class. Well done all.
EKHPC Triathlon 10/11/19
A lovely day was had by all at the EK Triathlon today, AV had a great rosette haul including a win by Matilda who stepped up to mini. Toby, Jacob and Poppy also competed up in preparation for next year and our smallest competitors Charlie & Boyd did us proud as did Lauren, James & Boris.
RMPC Tetrathlon 1/9/19
A few of us enjoyed the last full Tetrathlon of the year at the weekend hosted by RMPC.  Jacob and Harry both had a great day in the Beanies section at the Romney Marsh Tetrathlon today. Jacob took 1st place overall with a lovely clear round,  winning the Throw and the Run with a new PB in the process. Harry finished 4 with great performances in both the throw and run. Harry’s Mum (Probably exhausted from the pony club summer holidays) had misread the schedule and didn’t bring his pony. Harry had to not only borrow Jacob’s pony, but his riding clothes, hat and boots too. Despite this Harry jumped a beautiful clear round on the lovely Gemma, having only sat on her for her first time 10 minutes before his round. Well done Harry!
Lilly competed as a tadpole in readiness for next year and finished 3rd after a great ride and her first ever competitive shoot. Florence won with a brilliant shoot score of 940 and a lovely clear ride.  Lara won her class with a good all round performance including a win in the swim .   Charles piped Sam by 4 points to win the junior novice class with an outstanding swim and a lovely clear ride. Toby ended up 2 nd with a good shoot, run & swim a bit of a return to form in the ride.
Tetrathlon Championships Offchurch Bury 8-11th August
A healthy 322 competitors drawn from throughout the UK participated in The Tetrathlon Championships at Open, Intermediate, Junior and Grassroots levels. The Championships took place from 8th – 11th August at Offchurch Bury, Warwickshire for the second year in succession. Ashford Valley were represented by Laura (intermediate) and Fred and Aidan at Junior Level. 
The first thing you notice at Tet Champs is that when you arrive to camp for 3 days you park with your region, in our case Southern Region who we had competed with at Internationals earlier in the summer.  It was the first time that our ponies passports had been heavily scrutinised by a vet and EKHPC very sadly had a pony sent home as there was an error in his passport 5 years ago!  The first night was spent getting pitched and getting our ponies settled before enjoying fish and chips in the sun.  As well as competing as individuals our 3 members were joined with a friend from Southern Region into an area 11 team.
The Shoot phase was the first phase held in the marquee at Offchurch; our team scoring 720, 660 and 800 respectively.  The Swim phase was held at Warwick University’s brand new Sports and Wellness Hub with all 3 our of team swimming well and getting PBs . The Ride phase involved another challenging cross country course designed by Lloyd Hunt, which proved to be highly influential to the overall result.  We were thrilled that Fred and Aidan both jumped clear and Laura had just a handful of penalties despite the lashing rain.  The riding day was rounded off with a great party for the kids in an 1920s theme, I am not allowed to report on what went on but children went to bed after their parents that night!

Hands wide and trust your pony over a big jump!

The competition was rounded off by the Run phase on Sunday morning with all our members running well.  Overall our team members were 29th, 26th and 20th nationally, a great result with both the two boys scoring over 4000 points.
Prize giving, included collecting our completion medals, and dispersal occurred in monsoon-like conditions on Sunday afternoon, we were lucky to just avoid most of it before making our way back around down the M40 and the M25.  
Looking forward to next year’s tet season already.  Our junior boys team move up to Intermediate and hope to join Laura and Olivia on occasions in a mixed intermediate team.
We noticed that there is a grassroots competition running at the same time as the champs, we are hoping that we might be able to send some members next year.  It looked like great fun and an opportunity for a stay away show with your tet friends, as well as the atmosphere of tet champs.  If you have never competed at junior level and fall into these categories we hope that you will join us next year.   (Teams to consist of three or four Members and can be of mixed gender:  One competitor aged 12 or under, One competitor aged 14 or under, One competitor aged 16 or under, One competitor aged 21 or under)
Senior International Tetrathlon in Scotland 3rd and 4th August 2019 – Report from Laura Brightling
We had a long trip up to Scotland for the Senior International Tetrathlon.󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 My horse, Chaos travelled perfectly considering the long journey and was very well behaved when we got there. We were stabled at Kelso Racecourse so had very nice permanent stables. On the Friday once all the Southern Team members arrived we went to walk the course with our team manager Richard. It was a very big 100cm course and very technical, the hardest both me and my horse Chaos have done. The first question on the course was fence 5 it was a skinny fence in the shape of a dog to a drop down then was four strides to a skinny fence on the angle, for this fence you could either drop down the step to the left and ride the third element on a curve or ride it on a straight line. At the top of a hill on the furthest part of the course we had a slightly smaller skinny but was an A/B combination with the B element being a big brush fence which was about chin height on me! It was a 90 degree angle from A to B so you really had to get your horse back and making sure they didn’t jump the first element to big so that you would be able to turn to the second element, this fence caused many problems as did the first water which was an A/B/C/D/E/F for this you had to jump a house fence one stride to quite a decent size drop two strides to a step up one stride to then another drop another two strides to a step up then quite a tight one stride to a skinny which was pushing you out the left as it was positioned on an angle.
There was many other questions on the course as for Tetrathlon there is never just a couple of technical fences. It is always question after question especially when you get to regionals or the championships whether it be at junior or open level, so both you and your horse have to be switched on for the whole cross country round and need to know exactly what route you are taking and know where all the Learners are incase you need to think quickly if you have a stop. Our team manager always says there is no shame in taking a learner which is very true at any level because if by taking a leaner means you get round the course and through those finish lines safely that is all that matters. Sometimes it’s not all about trying to get the most points possible because having horses isn’t easy and sometimes it never goes the way we want, and if you have a couple stops that you weren’t expecting but take a learner option and get home no one is ever going to judge you – if anything they would be proud of you for thinking on your own and taking that option.

Saturday we shot and swam. I had a usual shoot of 740 which isn’t the best as it is out of a 1000 and then in my swim I got 8 lengths 13 meters which again isn’t my best but still a good swim in 3 mins. Next year I am hoping to get 9 lengths with a bit more training. After a great first day of competing it is then time to get ready for the party and if you don’t know already Tet is known for their good parties and everyone knows how to party including the very embarrassing parents – mine being one of them! This year it was a tartan theme and we all learnt a bit of Scottish dancing which was fun but also quite hard.
Sunday saw the run and ride phases, my run wasn’t my best again but considering as soon as we started we ran up quite a steep hill it was an ok run.
For the cross country my main aim was to get round and chaos made sure that happened! He jumped superbly just having a couple silly stops and then taking learners which where all my fault not giving him enough time to read the questions but he jumped all the tricky combinations that I thought we would have trouble at proving me wrong. Chaos is quite a challenging horse and definitely lives up to his name as at these events he always gets quite excited in the warm up resulting in me trying to stay on and just having to go with him. For anyone who may have a horse like chaos, who maybe tricky on the ground or in the warm up, as soon as he gets onto that course or in a ring he knows exactly what he’s doing and puts a smile on my face. These tricky horses are always the best as they have the best characters so if you possibly have a new horse like Chaos or you feel like you don’t really click, stick with it as they truly are the best horses. I’m sure sometimes your parents might wonder how on earth you stay on these horses as my mum certainly does but she knows that he is always going to look after me.
Area 11 and 13 Tetrathlon 29th and 30th June at Walton on the Hill and Munstead
Another long and hot weekend for area tet.  Only a few hardy competitors made the daily trip into Surrey, we had 3 junior boys, a junior girl, an intermediate girl and a tadpole boy competing.  
James had a winning run and swim with a new PB and a good cross country round to win his whole section, BRILLIANT!
His Sister Lauren was in a very competitive junior girls sections but finished well with a good cross country round.  Laura too was in a competitive intermediate section but has QUALIFIED for the national champs with a good swim, run and ride. 
Our junior boys team shot abysmally and we nearly gave up after the first section, however they all swam and ran well.  The testing course at Munstead sadly did not suit Toby’s horse but Fred and Aidan had clear rounds with only one rider error (Aidan!) to seal their QUALIFICATIONS too. A happy day for 3 excited teenagers who are off to Warwick for 4 days for the Pony Club Tetrathlon National Championships at the beginning of August.  WELL DONE ALL!
Romney Marsh fun Triathlon 23rd June
Rommey Marsh hosted a fun Triathlon yesterday which acted as a warm up for those who are off to the Area Tetrathlon next weekend. 
Laura, back from college showed she has maintained her fitness while away to win the intermediate section.
Toby and Lauren were both in fine form and took very convincing 1st and 3rd places in the combined Junior section. 
James and Florence continued their successful Tadpole seasons also taking 1st and 3rd their combined section.
Jacob, Poppy and Lilly  took 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a closely contested Beanies section, having spent the season hot on each other’s tails!
Lauren, James and Lilly attended the Romney Marsh Hunter Trials the previous day for a true Tetrathlon experience. Lilly and the lovely Bertie jumped a fabulous clear round to take 3rd place in competitive 40cm class.
Good Luck to all who are off to the Area Tetrathlon next weekend.

EAST SUSSEX TET 8th and 9th June 2019

An amazing day at East Sussex Pony Club for Ashford Valley’s tetrathletes this weekend.  The weather was really windy and gusty and Ashford Valley had PB’s raining down all over the place.

In the Tadpole girls Matilda came 1st and Florence 4th, both with beautiful clear rounds.  Matilda had a superb PB in the run and Florence a massive PB swim in the process.  It was a win for James in the Tadpole boys winning the shoot, swim and run on the way.  A brilliant run from James saw another impressive PB.  Boris finished 3rd with a great all-round performance and like James jumped a lovely clear round on his relatively new pony.

Our Beanie representatives were also in fine form with our team of Lilly, Charlie, Harry and Jacob winning the team event.  Individually Jacob was 1st, Boyd 3rd, Lilly 6th, Harry 8th and Charlie 10th. Jacob won the bean bag throw, the swim with a PB and jointly the run with Boyd, who had a new PB.  Lilly had an amazing PB in the swim for 2nd place and Charlie set fantastic PB’s in the bean bag throw, swim and run.

In the Mini Section we were thrilled to have Ruby JP out of retirement to do a beautiful clear round.

Our junior boys were on fire, Fred best swim, best run and a clear round, Toby won best Shoot and Aidan had a clear round and an overall win! They were first team too.

Beautiful riding rounds from all in testing conditions, well done everyone!

Ashford Valley’s Beanies continued their good form at the East Kent Tetrathlon on the 18th May.
The team of Harry, Poppy and Jacob  were winners and excited to receive their “gold” medals. All 3 jumped lovely clear rounds and performed well in all phases. The individual competition was closely contested, with Jacob taking 1st place, Poppy 2nd and Harry 4th. Poppy and Jacob were joint winners of the Bean Bag throw, with Poppy also collecting Best Swim and Jacob Best Run, both with new PB’s. 
A lovely sunny day at the Eridge Tetrathlon on 12th May. 
Ashford Valley Beanies were out in force with 2 teams representing us.
Sandy, Boyd and Olivia finished 2nd and Lilly, Charlie and Jacob were 4th in a very close run competition.
Individually Lilly, Olivia and Jacob finished 4th, 5th and 6th respectively. Lilly and Olivia both picked up Best ride scores for completing beautiful clear rounds unassisted. Olivia also won Best Bean Throw and Jacob collected Best Run.

Fred, Aidan and Toby were thrilled to be selected to compete at the Junior International Tetrathlon on the weekend of 1st and 2nd June at Moreton Morrell College in Warwickshire to ride for Southern England.  The boys have been a team since they were 6 years old and were fortunate that they are the same age so move up the classes at the same time.  Teams from all over England compete with those from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Everyone left home at 12 noon on Friday lunchtime, the M25 was dire and it was over 3 hours before we made it around the M25 and on to the M40. At this point we felt we would never make the 150 mile trip to Moreton Morrell.  Luckily the M40 was a breeze and we got to our destination in time for tea. 

We were not allowed on to the site before our pony’s passport was checked and then the pony was unloaded and went off into his stable, with 163 other children and their ponies.  The adults set up camp with the AVHPC gazebo having pride of place in the Southern England team’s camp HQ.  Tet parents spend a lot of time together at tets so we knew all the other area 11 parents and children and after we were introduced to the other Southern England parents, a wonderful evening in the sun with wine and food ensued…

After a night asleep in our lorry or tent, we started our first day of tet with mucking out and hand grazing our ponies before we went off to the walk the course for the first time.  It was both big AND technical, certainly the biggest they had jumped.  

The beautiful indoor arena at Moreton Morrell was the scene for the shoot and our boys did well all scoring over 740.  Thanks to the Brightling family for stepping in at the last minute with a replacement when we had a gun malfunction.

A journey to the well equipped new sports complex at Warwick Uni was next, an enormous 12 lane pool with lots of noise and some super talented swimmers; our boys swam just over 200 M with Fred managing 208M, Some of the international boys swam much more and there was a round of applause for the Irish boy who swam nearly 300 metres in 3 minutes, amazingly quick.

After another course walk with the whole team, after which the course did not look any smaller, less hilly or shorter we came back to basecamp for a hack out, tack cleaning and a BBQ.  On the Saturday night there was the traditional talent competition, let’s just say that Southern England need a choreographer, the kids had fun but we did not win, we did well to avoid coming last!

The camp was a good walk from the stable block so most the children had been pre-warned and took their bikes, there were often piles of bikes to be found scattered around the course and stables.

Saturday dawned with more mucking out, hand grazing and by 8am the first competitor was out on the course with the commentator blaring out their progress from the Tannoy across the top of the stable blocks, not exactly the relaxing start to the day we had planned.  Southern England XC kit was donned, studs put in and ponies tacked up before we made our way to the XC course.

Our boys did fantastically, the mothers were sick with nerves but the boys stepped up; Fred had a clear round and Toby and Aidan got to the end, some faster and with less control than others, but we were so thrilled with how they rode.  The hedge was enormous, the drop was 1.3M, there was a hanging log into the water, the technical combinations were like nothing they had seen before but they all kicked on, got over everything and smiled their way through.  Maisie and Fred did us proud and were one of only 14 clears for the day, brilliant!

After that big adrenalin rush they had to keep their cool as a tet is not over until you have done all 4 phases; a quick snack and energy drink for lunch and we were then off to the run, by then it was raining too.  The run was organised into heats with the boys starting off with children of the same ability, which produced some great results and PBs for all our boys.

At the end of the day we were thrilled to find out that Fred was 21st and our team was 7th overall.

A truly memorable weekend that the boys and parents will treasure for a long time. Proof that training hard can get you from your local Pony Club to International competition. They move up to seniors next year so it will be a long time before they can compete at this level but they are keen to do so.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged them over the years, particularly Anne Clarke, Michelle Rice-Wilson and our Tet Team Manager Julie Channon. 


Our tetrathlon was held on 13th and 14th April, our junior boys team of Toby, Fred and Aidan were joined by Toby’s brother Sam who borrowed a pony from another member, the team were 1st with the boys 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th respectively.  William made his triathon debut with a great 2nd place in the shoot, keep going William we need you! His Sister Lara did a lovely clear round in her section too. Lauren won the junior girls section and we were very happy to welcome Sophie to the tet family sealing her debut with the only clear round in the girls section, well done. 

James and new member Boris represented us in the tadpole boys section, winning all the sections between them with an overall first and second place, awesome boys. Florence and new tet member Matilda were in the tadpole girls section, great clears from both girls and a 2nd place in the swim gave them 4th and 5th place, a great debut for Matilda and thanks to mum too for tack checking all afternoon.  We are thrilled to have 2 teams of beanies led by the eldest team member Poppy who won every section and was joined with Lilly, Jacob and Charlie as winning team closely followed by the 2nd place team of Harry, Boyd, Olivia and Sandy.  Its fair to say that there were a few rosettes were handed out to AVHPC members that afternoon! 

Thanks to everyone who helped, including those from the extended tet community in other branches and ex AVHPC members. 

Full results for AVHPC Tet 14/4/19 AVHPC Tet April 2019 FINAL scoresheet

Mid Surrey Tetrathlon 28th April
A very long, but successful day at the Mid Surrey Tetrathlon for the Ashford Valley Beanies. The team of Lilly, Poppy, Boyd and Jacob were 2nd, just 2 points behind the winning team. All 4 jumped clear rounds and had great all round performances, with Poppy picking up 2nd and Jacob 3rd places individually.

OS&B tet 10/2/19

A flying start for the Beanies Team at the first Tetrathlon of the season this weekend. Ashford Valley’s Team of Lilly, Poppy and Jacob were Winners at the Old Surrey and Burstow competition. 
Poppy was 1st individually, Jacob 7th and Lilly 19th in a massive class of 27. All 3 jumped great clear rounds, with Poppy riding a beautiful round unassisted in the big Felbridge arena for maximum ride points.  PB’s all around in the swim, which Poppy and Jacob won jointly and Jacob picked up best run too with another PB. Roll on the Ashford Valley Tetrathlon next month!
Fantastic results from our older competitors  weekend too. Everyone had very good rounds at Felbridge on the Saturday picking up just a few faults between them despite the wind.
Back to Copthorne School on Sunday braving showers & gale force winds. James had a great win overall as well as winning his run & swim. Toby had a great run & won his swim to finish 2nd in the junior boys section & Lauren finished 3 rd in a competitive junior girls class. Well done all, hope to see you all at our own Tet in April.

Half Term Feb 2019 East Kent Triathlon

It was a beautiful day for the East Kent Triathlon on Sunday 24th February. Ashford Valley was strongly represented in the Beanies class with 4 competitors. 

Poppy, Lilly, Jacob

Jacob finished 1st, winning the run with a PB and a new PB swim. Poppy was 3rd, winning the Bean bag throw with a massive 840. Lilly was 6th with a PB run and a PB swim. Sandy finished 10th with a superb run on her triathlon debut. 

Lilly, Poppy, Jacob and Sandy

Junior boys Toby , Sam & William came 4th 5 th & 6 th respectively, everyone getting pbs in at least one discipline. Minis James & Lara has great results with James winning the boys league & Lara coming 3rd in the girls league, a very competitive section, so well done! Florence won her run & finished 4 th & also won the tadpoles league.  Great end to the Tri season and for the start of the Tet season, well done all! 

William, Lara, Sam, Toby and Florence

First Tri of the 2019 – off to a good start!

Our Mini Minis had a good first tri of the year with Jacob 1st, winning the bean bag throw with 800, 2nd in the run and a PB swim, 2nd in that too, Poppy 3rd, she was second in the bean bags with 740 and a good swim and  Lilly 6th with a great all round performance.


Junior boys had quite a good tri too, Toby came 4th, William came 5th, and Sam came 6th.