Thursday November 30, 2023
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AGM & Annual Awards

2022 awards

Trophy 2022
Dressage Junior  Lilly Jones
Dressage Senior  Ruby Jefferson-Pillai
Eventing Mini Amelia Plummer
Eventing Junior Millie MacLean
SJ  Mini  Wilf MacLean
SJ Junior  Beatrix Knox
SJ Senior  Matilda Randolph
Tet Croucher Cup  Florence Channon
Tetrathlon  Laura Brightling
Hunting cup Boris Beier
Best Mini Mini  Charlie Harrison-Gigney
Best Mini  Poppy Polding
Best Junior Harriet Plummer
Best Senior  Sophie Bellamy
DC trophy   Boyd Beier
Merlin Cup  Melon owned by The Parsler Family
Most Improved  Annabel Jones
Mounted Games Trophy  Imogen Beaney
Rose Bowl  Aidan McGinley
Tina Nash Cup  Ruby Jefferson-Pillai
Emma Hannett Trophy Julia McGinley



2021 awards, awarded at the Annual General Meeting on 23rd January 2022:

Molly Best Junior 2021

Fred and Tom, Mounted Games 2021

Trophy Awarded for 2021
Dressage Junior  Ruby Jefferson Pillai
Dressage Senior  Red Robinson
Eventing Mini Isabelle Wilkins
Eventing Junior Matilda Randolph
Eventing Senior  Mia Waterman
SJ  Mini  Boris Beier
SJ Junior  Holly Killick
SJ Senior  Daisy Perry
Tet Croucher Cup  Boyd Beier
Tetrathlon  Poppy Polding
Hunting cup Sandy Hourigan and Charlie Harrison-Gigney
Best Mini Mini  Amelia Plummer
Best Mini  Lilly Jones
Best Junior  Molly Thompson
Best Senior  Toby Channon
DC trophy   James Bickley
Merlin Cup  Flower Fairie aka Dizzy
Most Improved  Izzy Curley
Mounted Games Trophy  Fred Crouch and Tom Page
Rosebowl  Laura Brightling
Tina Nash Cup  Aidan McGinley

Boyd – Best Tetrathlete 2021

Sandy and Charlie

Lilly, Best Mini 2021

Daisy Senior SJ, Aidan Tina Nash Cup, Mia Senior Eventing and Merlin Cup, Toby Best Senior



Congratulations to all those who competed for AVHPC this year and especially to those who have done so well.

Hunting cup – Maisy Vane

SJ  Mini – Matilda Randolph 
SJ Junior – Hope Rutter
SJ Senior  – Jess Paramor
Junior Dressage – Isabella Randolph
Senior Dressage – Aidan McGinley 
Mini Eventing – Olivia Brooks
Junior Eventing – Mia Stack  
Senior Eventing – Amy Tate
Tet Croucher Cup –  Fred JP and Aidan McGinley 
Tetrathlon – Boris Beier
Most Improved – Jessica Upton
Merlin Cup – Austin’s Drummer Boy
Best Mini Mini  – Lilly Jones
Best Mini – James Bickley 
Best Junior –  Fred JP and Daisy Parsler 
Best Senior – Seb Mead  
Tina Nash Cup – Alice Power 
Rosebowl – Laura Brightling 
DC trophy   – Sophie Bellamy
Mounted Games Trophy – Florence Channon
(If you were not able to attend the AGM and you won a trophy you will be emailed for you to arrange collection)


Hunting cup Seb Mead 
SJ  Mini Jack Finn
SJ Junior Sophie Stern
SJ Senior    Jess Paramor
Junior Dressage Isabella Randolph 
Mini Eventing Ruby JP
Junior Eventing Red Robinson
Senior Eventing Lara Jackson
Tet Croucher Cup Lara Brown
Tetrathlon Jacob Smith
Most Improved  George Burton
Best Mini Mini   Charlie HG
Best Mini Isabella Randolph
Best Junior Fred JP
Best Senior Georgie Estall
Merlin Cup    Blackie
Tina Nash Cup Olivia JP 
DC trophy    Mini MG team – Harry Jacob Charlie and Lilly


Hunting Amy Tate
Mini SJ Red Robinson
Novice SJ Toby Channon
Senior SJ Charlotte Bromley
Senior Dressage Jess Paramor
Junior Dressage Aidan McGinley
Tet Croucher Cup James Bickley
Tetrathlon Laura Brightling, Olivia JP, Daisy Parsler (Junior Girls)
Mini Eventing Holly Killick
Junior Eventing Freddie JP
Most Improved Charles Stanley
Best Mini Mini Jacob Smith
Best Mini Isabella Randolph
Best Junior Sophie Stern
Best Senior Julia Ransom
Merlin Cup Willy Wonka
Tina Nash Cup Beth Hall
Rose Bowl Jess Pearce
DC trophy Daisy Parsler


Hunting Cup – Josie Boxall

Mini SJ – Hope Rutter

Novice SJ – Daisy Parsler

Senior SJ – Jess Paramour

Senior Dressage – Emily Brightling

Junior Dressage – Eperney BH

Tet Croucher Cup – Laura Brightling

Tetrathlon – Freddie J P

Mini Eventing – Rose Webster

Junior Eventing – Amy Tate

Senior Eventing – Lara Jackson

Most Improved –  Rosie Packham

Best mini mini – Florence Channon

Best mini – Maisie Vane

Best Junior – Will Reeves

Best Senior – Gabrielle Gillespie

Merlin Cup – Pippa Williams and Skye

Tina Nash Cup – Nelly Pearse

Rose Bowl- Georgia Jackson

The DCs Trophy – MG Team


Hunting Cup awarded by AVT Hunt Faye Marie Smith
Mini SJ Sam Channon
Novice SJ Isla Anderson
Senior SJ Charlotte Bromley
Senior Dressage Georgia Jackson
Junior Dressage Amy Tate
Tet Croucher Cup Lauren Bickley
Tetrathlon Florence Channon, Viva Manzano, Ann Orpin, Ruby JP
Mini Eventing Josie Tabb/ Amy Tate
Junior Eventing Lauren Mcknight / Beth Hall
Senior Eventing Lara Jackson, Nellie Pearse, Kathryn Clarke
Most Improved Seb Mead
Best Mini Mini Ruby JP
Best Mini Boys Mini Tet Team – Aidan McGinley, Freddie JP, Toby Channon 
Best Junior Olivia Reeves
Best Senior George Parrish
Merlin Cup Freddie JP and Coriander
Tina Nash Cup Olivia Richards
Rose Bowl Lara Jackson


For 2014

Hunting William and Olivia Reeves
Mini SJ Aidan McGinley
Novice SJ Anna Bromley
Senior SJ Emily Freeman
Senior Dressage Lara Jackson
Junior Dressage Tilly Hastilow
Tet Croucher Cup Hannah Parsler
Tetrathlon George Channon
Mini Eventing Seb Mead
Junior Eventing Julia Ransom
Senior Eventing Georgia Jackson
Most Improved Lily Marsh
Best Mini Mini George Orpin
Best Mini Aidan McGinley
Best Junior George Channon
Best Senior Emily Brightling
Merlin Cup Amy Tate (Blue)
Tina Nash Cup Georgia Jackson
Rose Bowl Faye-Marie Smith




Hunting                                   Lara Jackson

Mini SJ                                    Maisy Vane

Novice SJ                                Julia Ransom

Senior SJ                                 Eileen Beach

Dressage                                  Nelly Pearse

Most Improved                       Sam Channon

Best Mini Mini                        Ruby Jefferson-Pillai

Best Mini                                Mary Ashby

Best Junior                              Sophie Killick

Best Senior                              Kathryn Clarke

Tet Croucher Cup                   Olivia Jefferson-Pillai

Tetrathlon                                Kathryn Clarke

Mini Eventing                         Eleanor Mead

Junior Eventing                       Faye-Marie Smith

Senior Eventing                      Lara Jackson

Merlin Cup                              Tilly Hastilow (Tommy)

Rose Bowl                              Georgia Jackson




Hunting                                   Cicely Rice Wilson

Mini SJ                                    Julia Ransom

Novice SJ                                Emma Jenkins

Senior SJ                                 Katie Hannett

Dressage                                  Lara Jackson

Most Improved                       Olivia Jefferson-Pillai

Best Mini Mini                        Finlay Balcomb-Hellier

Best Mini                                Anna Bromley

Best Junior                              Emily and Alice Freeman

Best Senior                              Lara Jackson

Tet Croucher Cup                   George and Toby Channon, Aidan McGinley and Freddie Jefferson-Pillai

Tetrathlon                                Cicely Rice Wilson

Mini Eventing                         Lizzie Clarke

Junior Eventing                       Josie Hannett

Senior Eventing                      Georgia Jackson

Merlin Cup                              Moby and Mirabelle Kelly

Tina Nash Cup                        Josie Hannett and Lara Jackson

Rose Bowl                              Katie Hannett