Wednesday November 29, 2023
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Eligibility for Area competitions

Area 11 Rule re Eligibility to Represent the Branch at Area Competitions

In order to be eligible to compete at Area Competitions, members from all branches in Area 11 and their horse/pony must have actively taken part in at least 3 rallies,  qualifying coaching, or training sessions during the previous 12-month period unless prevented from doing so by illness, absence from home, or any other reason which in the opinion of the DC justifies absence.

For the purposes of this rule a rally, qualifying coaching or training session is one which is organised by a branch committee, the Area Rep, or by the training committee. Each day of a Camp shall be counted as a separate rally, qualifying coaching, or training session.

In addition to demonstrating loyalty to the branch, the combination of horse and rider will also be required to prove their competence, safety, plus fitness of horse or pony, in the specific sport and level that the member wishes to participate at.