Sunday January 26, 2020
Belvoir Pony Club Clothing
Belvoir Hunt Pony Club Clothing – Polo Shirts,  Branch Skins and Jackets:
This range of Pony Club clothing is smart, practical, and available in a range of sizes and fit options and suitable for wearing at our rallies and many competitions ( just check specific competition rules).


Belvoir Hunt PC JacketBelvoir XC Skin

Available to order direct from our suppliers – GGGear – we do not keep a stock within Branch so please place any orders direct with GGGear via the website below:

All of our clothing items are only available in navy blue with white writing/logos and you will be able to choose from a variety of children’s and adults sizes.   GGGear will take up to 4 days to dispatch your order once it has been received and paid for.  Prices start at £29 for a child’s skin and £34.99 for a child’s jacket. 

Jackets can be personalised for a small extra charge with your child’s name on the back of the collar.

Stocks of Navy Blue Belvoir Hunt PC sweatshirts ( £12) , ties and lapel badges are still available within the branch, contact:

Sally Lee: 01949 844856 and  Rebecca Morris 01476 585 615

Pony Club ties, badges and Manual of Horsemanship are available
from Membership Secretary Jane Harris
or via