Saturday December 2, 2023
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Training and Tests

One of the main objectives of The Pony Club is to give instruction in riding and horsemastership and to educate Members to look after and to take proper care of horses and ponies.

Pony Club tests are recognised as a very valuable and thorough training and demonstration of knowledge and proficiency, well regarded in the equestrian world.

You can find out more about Pony Club Efficiency tests on the main Pony Club website:

Within the Belvoir branch we include fun training in all our activities, we also organise training and testing for E, D, D+, C and C+ 

B test onwards are organised at an Area ( East Midlands) level

AH tests onwards are organised Nationally.

The tests must be done in the following order and below are the minimum ages you must be to take the tests:

2023 Test Ages

A Test

Recommended minimum age 17 years

AH Test

Recommended minimum age 16 years


Recommended minimum age 16 years


Recommended minimum age 15 years


Recommended minimum age 14 years


Recommended minimum age 13 years


Recommended minimum age 11 years


Recommended minimum age 10 years


Recommended minimum age 8 years


Recommended minimum age 4 years

If you’d like to learn more about training for and taking these test please talk to Pauline Brownlow or contact our DC Tessa Buckley 








C Test Success

Congratulations to Rowan, Evie, Ella M, Poppy and Ella W who passed their C test on 3rd November.

Many congratulations to the following 17 children who have passed their C Test during December and January:

Kitty, Annabel, Megan, Lucy, Florence, Adam, Hope, Daisy, Amelie, Olivia, Lucy, Millie, Clemmie, Emma, Henry, William and Ella

Thank you to Pauline Brownlow for all the weeks of training she has provided. It has been wonderful to have had so many children wanting to take their C test. 

Congratulations also to Selena who passed her C+ in October.


More Test Success!

D Test – Ellie Rose, Freddie and Chloe 

D+ Test  – Heath and Maisie

And congratulations to Holly, Jasmine, Lucy and Tess who took and passed the full C+ Test and Alice who took and passed C+ Horse and Pony Care

Congratulations to Lizzie who has recently passed the Lungeing Test.