Rallies & Activities

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Working Rallies

Working rallies cater for all abilities from those still on the lead rein to those working towards their C+ Test and cover a mixture of flatwork and jumping with each lesson being tailored to the riders’ abilities.  Riders will be put into groups taking into account their age and ability. These rallies tend to run during half terms and school holidays and provide a perfect excuse to get out with your horse or pony, learn something new, have some fun, catch up with old friends and make some new ones! We try and use a wide range of instructors all of who are experienced in teaching all abilities.

For more information please contact  bicesterandwardenhill@pcuk.org  

Show Jumping Rallies

We currently use the following Instructors for our Show Jumping Rallies –

Rhian Jones, Pauline Ricketts, Sue Ricketts and Mandy McGlynn – they are open to all levels.

All show jumping rallies are group sessions, usually 4 in a group for an hour.

If you need advice on which group to join please contact:  bicesterandwardenhill@pcuk.org 

Dressage Rallies & Fun Poles Rallies

We currently use Tom Graham for Dressage and Natasha Flowers for Fun Poles.  These sessions usually take place at Twyford Mill.

Tom coaches our more advanced members but his sessions are open to all. Come ready to ask questions for the type of help you are looking for – this is more coaching than instructing and make sure you have read and understood your ‘Scales of Training’ 

Natasha instructs in groups of 3-4 riders and her sessions are open to all.  The sessions are focused on poles to teach straightness, riding circles and corners – aimed at improving dressage and show jumping

From time to time we bring in a Test Judge for Test Clinics which is a great way of getting competition ready.

Cross Country Rallies

We arrange cross-country rallies at different venues in our area.

Some venues have Mini as well as Main courses so will be suitable for novices, as the jumps are small & generally in an enclosed field; this will be detailed on the online entry system.

We use a variety of instructors who currently compete in Eventing

Links to some of the courses local to our Area:

For All XC Rallies…..

  • you will need to wear a body protector which meets BETA 2018 Level 3 standard, tagged hat and a neck strap.
  • no fixed peak caps for those jumping over 80cm

Tetrathlon comprises of shooting, swimming, running and riding (XC or Arena XC/SJ during the wetter months) and welcomes members of all ages from the youngest pony club member throughout. For members under the age of 8 (Beanies), they will throw a  bean bag onto a target at 5 metres, swim for 2 minutes, run 500m and ride a 40cm course which may be on or off lead. Pistol shooting is permitted from the age of 8 and involves shooting with air pistols at targets between 7 and 10m as you get older. The remaining phases also become more challenging with age.

Winter triathlons (with the absence of the riding component) attract non-riding pony club members and is perfect for those non riding siblings who have a burning desire to join in the fun.

We have a young thriving tetrathlon/triathlon team who enjoy training and competing all year round and we welcome new members at any time. Formal shoot training is currently once every two months and held in Chinnor, South Oxfordshire with additional training arranged closer to competitions. Cross country rallies are also being planned in order to prepare for the competition season. We are happy to coordinate training for the other phases so please do not hesitate to reach out to Diane Messum with your requests and we will do our best to assist.

Bicester Pony Club Tetrathlon contact – Diane Messum. 07870 202942

Dates for the diary:

4-5th May 2024 Royal Windsor Junior teams. Selection for Central England representatives.

1-2nd June 2024 Junior regional championships. Selection to represent Central England. (also a 15-year-old class)

29-30th June 2024 Mini Tetrathlon championships, ran by Area 9 (also first year juniors).

Senior regional and International championships 2-4th August 2024 (Northern Ireland). Selection to represent Central England.

PC Tet Champs 9-11th August 2024 Stepping Stones Mini (selection to represent Central England), Junior, Intermediate and Open Classes from area qualifiers.

Area 12 competitions:

11-12th May 2024 – Whaddon Chase Tet (prov.)

13/14th July 2024 – Area 12 tetrathlon with Area 8 at Horseheath.


Our Branch is within the hunting country of the Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase (the two hunts merged some years ago but the Pony Club Branches remained separate: Bicester and Warden Hill Hunt Branch and Whaddon Chase Branch.

  • The BHWC arrange trail hunting within the law between September and March.
  • The children of landowners, subscribers and farmers within the BHWC Country may attend meets as of right.
  • Other children may come to an arrangement with the Hunt Secretary, however if they are a member of the Pony Club, this can be done through the District Commissioner or through the Bicester Pony Club Hunting Contacts.  Please do email for more information bicesterwardenhill@pcuk.org
  • Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 13 who are not accompanied, or are not children of a landowner, farmer or subscriber and who have not made any other arrangement with regards to adult supervision will not be permitted to follow hounds.
  • Children over 13 years of age, who have gained their Hunting Certificate, are deemed to be able to go out Hunting on their own – however we would still strongly recommend they go with a pre-arranged, experienced companion.

For more information and to contact the Hunt Secretary, look at the Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase website

Just a reminder to all children out hunting.  If one of the masters, field master, chairman, whip, huntsman etc is approaching a closed gate (without the intention of jumping it!) then children are expected to open the gate – without being asked.  Ditto all children should help by closing gates and assisting in other ways where necessary.  It’s not the master’s job to open gates for the field.

Hunting Certificate

Members wanting to take their Hunting Certificate are required to attend the following:

  • One session at the Hunt Kennels, to include a talk from either the Huntsman, Whipper-in or Master with a tour of the kennels and stables.
  • One mounted practical session at either the kennels or other suitable place – to include opening and shutting gates and hunting conduct.  You may be assessed on this while out hunting.
  • Two (preferably more) mornings trail hunting, accompanied by a suitable adult.

Once you are signed up the Masters would like you to wear a PURPLE RIBBON in your pony’s tail whenever you go out trail hunting – so they can pick you out and help you if you need it.

The passing of the Hunting Certificate allows Pony Club Members who are 13yrs and over to go trail hunting unaccompanied.