Championships & Qualifiers

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Bicester Branch runs the following disciplines:

We encourage children to take part in team competitions whatever their level. Members wanting to represent Bicester Branch in any competition should demonstrate a commitment to the Branch.

There are 3 Championships, depending on your level, that you can qualify for over the Summer:

  1. The JCB Pony Club Championships (NATIONAL)
  2. The Regional Championships (REGIONAL)
  3. The Area 12 Championships (LOCAL)
  • Show Jumping levels are Regional (80cm), Novice (90cm), Intermediate (1m) or Open (1.10m).
  • For Dressage levels are Grassroots, Novice, Intermediate, Open (and Prix Caprilli). The Prix Caprilli test is an Area 12 competition only and is a test of riding and includes two jumps.  It’s a great competition for those not yet ready for Novice. You may do Regional and Prix Caprilli.
  • Eventing levels are Regional (70cm & 80cm), Areas 90cm, 100cm, Chairman’s Cup (105cm) & 110cm

For information on Area 12 dates go to the Area 12 website.



Over the winter, qualifying competitions are held in the area for Arena Eventing (PC70-100), Dressage (Novice, Intermediate and Open) and Show Jumping (80, 90,100 and 110)  These qualify for the Barrier Spring Festival Championships.


Selection for the summer Area Competitions will be made by the Team Managers in liaison with the Trainer/Instructor and you will be notified in advance to make sure you can prepare appropriately.  We normally run a long list and confirm the team at least four weeks in advance of the competition.

Members who would like to be considered for the Area competitions should be active members of the branch and attended rallies (Camp counts as one rally).

Selection for Area Teams is based on results and training at appropriate rallies with Team Trainers.  Members must have competition experience at the level they are applying for.

There are two rounds within the Summer series –

  1. Area Competitions (members will be invited to join the training and entries are submitted by the DC. You must compete within Area 12 unless given special dispensation by PC head office. Qualifications for Novice, Intermediate and Open go to the National Championships. Qualifications for Grassroots go to the Regional Championships.
  2. Championships (National or Regional)
Date Event Organiser
9th June Area 12 Regional Eventing PC70 & PC80  at Elmwood horse-events
Sat 15 June Inter-branch Show Jumping & Regional Championship Qualifier (80). Middlegrove, Hyde Heath  Vale of Aylesbury
Sat 22 June Area 12 Show Jumping, Addington Grafton
Sun 30 June Area 12 Dressage and Prix Caprilli at Berkshire College of Agriculture Herts Hunt PC
7 July Area 12 Eventing  (PC90, 100, 100+ 110) Henley Showground at Hambleden,  Area 12, 11 & 13
13/14 July Area Tetrathlon, with Area 8. Area 12 Tetrathlon Committee
9-17 Aug National Championships (for Novice, Intermediate, Open) at Offchurch Bury
24-26 Aug Regional Championships (for Grassroots/80cm) at Aston le Walls (with Areas 6 & 8)
tbc Area 12 Mini Eventing Championships (40, 50, 60, 70)
Incorporating PC70 & 80 Dressage Championships
27 October Area 12 Mini Show Jumping Championships at BCA OBH South



Team Managers

Show Jumping – Sue Ricketts & Theresa Harper

Dressage – Helen Vollmer

Eventing – Jo Hales & Belinda Naylor

Tetrathlon – Diane Messum

Area 12 Mini Championships
Our Area 12 runs an annual Mini Championships for Eventing and Show Jumping (up to 70cm). Members are welcome to enter the qualifiers and the championships directly and should email their entry to the relevant Team Manager.

Inter-branch Show Jumping
Our Area 12 runs an annual show jumping event for younger riders (40-80cm) that is outside the Area competitions. Entries are submitted by the DC/Team Manager.