Saturday August 13, 2022
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Sports in the Pony Club

Blankney Hunt Pony Club currently successfully takes part in team and individual competitions in Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping and Triathlon at inter-branch competitions, Area qualifiers and the Championships.

PC Championships 2021

PC100+ Eventing: James Black & Capadust

Novice Dressage: Thea Miller & Springleaze Hope & Glory

Regional Finals 2021

PC 80 Eventing and 80cm SJ: Charlotte Burkitt & Aled

Regional Dressage: Grace Hodgkinson & Moortown Hamish

Area Competitions 2021


PC100+: James Black (8th)

PC90: Cordelia White (6th)

PC80: Charlotte Burkitt (6th)


Novice: Thea Miller (1st), Cordelia White (3rd), Ben Finney (8th), Charlotte Burkitt (6th)

Novice Team 5th: Cordelia White, Emily Haynes, Charlotte Burkitt, Thea Miller

Novice Open: Liv Mawditt (3rd)

Regional: Grace Hodgkinson (8th)

Due to Covid Restrictions The Pony Club Championships did not take place in 2020, however Area 6 enjoyed Area Festivals in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping.

2020 Eventing Area Festival:

PC90: Victoria Robinson (8th), Cordelia White (12th)

PC100: Florence White (1st)

PC110: Florence White (6th)

2020 Dressage Area Festival:

Novice Dressage Team (4th): Hollie McDonnell (7th), Victoria Robinson(8th), Tristan Page

Intermediate: Annabel Jepson (8th)

2020 Show Jumping Area Festival:

PC80: Thea Miller (12th)

Championships 2019: unfortunately abandoned due to weather and ground conditions

Intermediate Dressage Team: Annabel Jepson, Florence White, Olivia Mawditt

Open Dressage (Area 6 Mixed Team): Olivia Mawditt

Regional Finals 2019

Dressage: Charlotte Burkitt

Eventing: Emily Haynes

Areas 2019

Regional Eventing: Emily Haynes 8th

PC90 Eventing: Rosie Finney 7th

PC100 Eventing: Ella Marshall 5th

Regional Dressage: Charlotte Burkitt 8th (Q), Leah Simpson 10th, Georgina Cooper 10th (Q)

Novice Dressage: team 5th – Cordelia White 7th, Ella Marshall 7th, Ben Finney 8th, Victoria Robinson

 Intermediate Dressage: Team 3rd (Q) – Florence White 3rd & 7th, Olivia Mawditt 6th, Annabel Jepson 8th

Open Dressage: Olivia Mawditt 4th (Q), Florence White 10th

Championships 2018

PC110 Eventing: Florence White

PC100 Eventing: Olivia Mawditt; Florence White

Novice Dressage: Rosie Finney

Regional Finals 2018

Grassroots Dressage Individuals: Ben Finney; Cordelia White

Grassroots Team Show Jumping: Tristan Page; Lucy Robertson; Cordelia White

Grassroots Eventing Individual: Lucy Robertson

Areas 2018

Grassroots Dressage: Individual 3rd(Q) & 6th(Q)

Novice Dressage: Individual 1st(Q) & 6th; Team 6th

Intermediate Dressage: Individual 5th & 6th

Grassroots SJ: Team 7th(Q)

Intermediate SJ: Team 5th

Grassroots Eventing: Individual 8th & 9th; Team 9th

PC90 Eventing: Team all completed

PC100 Eventing: 1st(Q), 2nd(Q), 3rd, 6th & 7th, Team 4th

Championships 2017

Show Jumping 100 Horsemanship Award: Amelia Cox, James Black, Ella Marshall, Angus Williams

Eventing PC100: Individual Florence White 2nd & Hollie Jepson 9th; Team 8th Hollie Jepson, Florence White, James Black, Ella Marshall.

Regionals Finals 2017

Grassroots Team Dressage 10th Rosie Finney, Cordelia White, Lucy Robertson, Lauren Vine; individual 7th Lauren Vine

Grassroots Show Jumping: both teams completed; Eve Munro qualified for individual jump off

Areas 2017

Grassroots Dressage: individual 1st & 7th Team 7th

Intermediate Dressage: individual 2 x 4th, 8th, Team 5th

Open Dressage: individual 1st (Q) Team 3rd

Grassroots Show Jumping Team 4th and 7th

Show Jumping 100: individual 1st( Q) & 2nd (Q) Team 1st (Q)

Grassroots Eventing: Team all completed

Eventing PC100: individual 1st, 2nd, 2 x 4th Team 2nd (Q)

Championships 2016

Open Dressage: Stephanie Sacks 10th

Intermediate Dressage: Olivia Mawditt 11th

Intermediate Eventing: James Black individual 7th, Team 7th Hollie Jepson, James Black, Florence White, Ella Marshall.

Areas 2016

Grassroots Dressage: individual 4th & 5th

Intermediate Dressage: individual 1st (Q), 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2 x 6th, Team 2nd & 4th

Open Dressage: individual 1st (Q)

Novice Show Jumping: Team 9th

Intermediate Show Jumping: Team 9th

Intermediate Eventing: individual 2nd, 6th, 8th, 9th, Team 2nd (Q)