Saturday August 13, 2022
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Team Blankney

Together Everyone Achieves More

Here at Blankney, our members are renowned for their spirit, fun, teamwork, and resilience, so during these difficult times, the committee have put together a range of activities to keep you engaged whilst we are at home.

Achievement Badges, including mini: although many of the badges require practical work, there are some that can be completed at home too.  We are putting together some packs so that you are able to continue to work on and achieve your badges. 

For our members, there will be no cost for the packs or for achieving the badges.

A link to our workbooks, as they become available, will be sent via our Facebook page and email.

NEW 2021 – Click title for syllabus:

British Native Breeds (Horses and Ponies)

Native breeds Mini Achievement Badge & British Native Breeds Achievement Badge




Wildlife Mini Achievement Badge & Wildlife Achievement Badge


2020 – Click badge for syllabus:

Dressage Arenas


Dressage Arena Badge (for all ages)


 Pet Sense

Pet Sense Achievement Badge (over 8 years)


Pet Sense


Pet Sense Mini-achievement Badge (up to 8 years)



Thelwell Crossword (Countryside Greetings)

Don’t forget The Pony Club Facebook page for more activities and updates.

Training videos on line (for the older member): click the link below

Caroline Moore Training Videos

Ros Canter and Caroline Moore: 4 years to 5* mini training series on Horse & Country

BHS Training Videos

Yogi Briesner has some you tube training sessions

FEI  has quite a lot of free training videos suitable for our older members