Mounted & Dismounted Rallies

What are Mounted & Dismounted Rallies?

A working rally is one at which instruction is given. It may be either mounted or dismounted, the latter usually being for horse/pony care instruction.

Rallies may be show jumping, cross country, flatwork/dressage or a combination. There are also stable management rallies and games rallies.

Rallies in The Burton Hunt Pony Club

We run a wide range of rallies in The Burton Hunt Pony Club, they can be split between mounted and dismounted rallies. The emphasis is always on quality instruction, fun and enjoying time with your Pony Club friends.

Dismounted Rallies

Dismounted rallies are attended without your pony. We hold a variety of dismounted rallies throughout the year, usually doing Pony Club Achievement badges. These rallies are suitable for all ages and aim to develop and promote knowledge in horsemanship and the countryside. These are particularly social sessions and a great way of meeting new friends within the branch.

Mounted Rallies

The Burton Hunt Pony hold a wide variety of mounted rallies, from festive Christmas and spooky Halloween rallies, to beach rides and specialist XC and SJ.

We cater for all ages, abilities and interests.

For more information please contact Helen Stanton