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Tetrathlon is a great way to have fun and meet new people. You don’t have to be a brilliant athlete to take part in this very enjoyable Pony Club event.  It is lots of fun and you get to know Pony Club members from other Branches and Centres

GO ON – GIVE IT A GO !!!!!!!

The phases for Tetrathlon are shooting, swimming, riding and running (see below). In the Winter the format is condensed to three phases on one day, shooting, swimming and running (triathlon).

All points scored from each phase are added together to give a final score.

Prizes are awarded to the highest scoring member in each phase. Members are also put into teams of four and prizes awarded to the highest scoring teams.

Our Tet/Triathlon team managers are:
Amy Hayman Joyce
07888 849867 and Vicki Pettigrew 07866 672831

Useful information for newcomers:

AIM: to encourage interest in riding by combining with other activities, thereby retaining interest in Pony Club.

PERSONAL AIM:  to amass as many points as possible over the different activities.

RULES: quite complex!! Here are some main points below.  Please click HERE for the current rulebook for more details.

Age Groups: (age on 1st January) Frogspawn, Tiddlers and Tadpoles – 8 and under Minis   8-11 Juniors   12-14 Intermediate/Open    15 +

There is also a Novice section, which is primarily to bridge gap between Junior and Open

Entries: compete as individuals, also each pony club can form teams of 3 or 4 competitors in an age groups.  If not enough from our branch to submit a team, organising branches often amalgamate members to make up mixed teams, within an age group.  The 3 highest scores from each team count towards team prizes.

Prizes: usually individual, teams and best of each phase are awarded, per age group.


Air pistols shot at standard pony club targets.  5 practice shots, followed by 10 competition shots.  Maximum 1000 points Frogspawn, Tiddlers and Tadpoles throw bean bags onto a target on the floor. Minis: 2 handed 7 metres from target (may be static or turning). Juniors: Single handed 7 metres from target (turning, 4secs per shot) Novice & Open: Single handed  10 metres (turning, 4secs per shot)

Our club has a few pistols for use by members at organised practice sessions.

Over a marked course, usually all grass.  Distances as follows: Frogspawn, Tiddlers and Tadpoles: usually 500m Minis (boys & girls): 1000m Junior/Novice (boys & girls) & Open girls: 1500m Open Boys: 3000m

Make the most of XC running at school plus any training you can do at home will help!

Each competitor has a lane of a 25m pool (usually).   The object is to swim as far as possible in the time allowed for your age group.   Any swimming style can be used, you do not need to dive start or tumble turn if you don’t want to.  You can even stop and re-start from the same point if you wish. Frogspawn, Tiddlers and Tadpoles and Minis: 2 minutes (the younger classes may be allowed floats but check the schedule as it varies) Junior/Novice boys & girls, and Open girls: 3 minutes Open boys: 4 minutes

Make the most of you will do swimming at school or via a swim club.


Usually over a Cross Country course, much like a normal Hunter Trial but usually with both a slip rail (negotiated by dismounting) and a gate (mounted).  For the younger classes, the course is usually in a roped off area and assistance can be given (forfeiting a few penalty points).

Minis and above are usually round a field course.

For a clear round within any time allowed will amass a maximum of 1400 points.

We have a wide range of tetrathathles, some are very good at their sports, as they take it seriously, train hard and win lots, and often represent our branch at the Championships.  At the other end of the scale, we have those that take part for fun, and have a terrific time trying their hand at a variety of sports.The most important thing to remember is EVERYONE IS WELCOME!