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CHPC clothing range is available at Wreal Sports based in Bourton on the Water. Ideal presents for Birthdays and Christmas.
To place orders head to the website: WREAL SPORTS or telephone direct 01451 822823

Below is a handy list of turnout expectations for horse and rider both at rallies and for competitions.   There is also this document which has been specifically written for Area Show Jumping  Please remember when competing at a PC competition, from lead rein – open eventing, you are there representing our branch and a effort for good turnout is always noticed!


Pony Club turn out for the Rider

⭐️Hat rules are clearly displayed on the Pony Club website and these are updated each year. Hats should be plain with a navy, black or brown cover, tagged with the PINK Pony Club tag. Please advise if you have purchased a new hat and we will tag it for you.

⭐️lack or brown long boots or jodhpur boots with either long matching chaps or clips, clean and polished.

⭐️Beige, white or cream, navy or black jodhpurs/breeches. Please no camouflage or pink sparkly ones ( although perfectly cute and acceptable at home) ⭐️Long or short sleeved ( shoulders must be covered) white shirt, Pony Club tie, Associates tie or PC stock. ⭐️Red CHPC jumper ( seniors may wear PC rugby shirts or similar) ⭐️Pony Club metal badge, with any test felt earned clearly displayed underneath

⭐️Members with longer hair must wear it securely tied back and in a hairnet.

⭐️Must be worn for riding

Back protectors:
⭐️These are advised to be worn at all times whilst riding especially whilst jumping at all levels ⭐️They are compulsory for XC ⭐️Please make sure that you have the correct back protector for 2024 – the rules have changed!


Pony Club turn out for the Horse

⭐️Leather or synthetic saddle suitable for pony and rider, with appropriate stirrup leathers, irons (Check stirrup irons have 7mm either side of boots) safety stirrups are highly recommended for younger children ⭐️Girth
⭐️Black or brown snaffle bridle, plain leather –with suitable non slip reins. Very minimal bling, although a tiny few sparkles on the brow band or white trim on a bridle are no longer frowned on! (Stronger bits may be used where they are necessary and appropriate for that pony).⭐️neck straps must be worn for all PC rallies (including martingale if the pony needs one)
⭐️saddle balance straps, martingale, breastplate or crupper as needed⭐️Grass/daisy reins may be used on a pony, but only the type which either attach directly to the headpiece via a single strap, or those which pass through the bit and over the headpiece and attached to the saddle. These are not allowed when jumping over 50cm in rallies and at competitions
⭐️Market harborough and other such aids are not suitable for PC and are NOT in any circumstances allowed for any competition.(this has been noted at recent competitions)
⭐️Boots and leg protection as required⭐️Ponies/horses should be well turned out for all rallies, coats should be brushed, with tidy manes and tails


Pony Club turn out for Competitions

• Beige jodhpurs/breeches
• Tweed jacket with white collared shirt and PC tie or stock shirt and stock for eventing
• Black/navy jacket with white collared shirt and PC tie or stock shirt and white/cream stock

• PC pink tagged riding hat
• Short boots and chaps or long riding boots
• Hair ideally in a hairnet with PC scrunchie – long hair in a bun with hairnet over the top
• Dark gloves to match jacket or white/black for dressage
• Black or navy hat silk to match jacket
• PC badge with appropriate felt
• Body protectors are compulsory for XC and recommended for all other disciplines
• CHPC red skin for eventing XC and tetrathlon (running and riding), green CHPC hat silk for eventing XC and tetrathlon

Ponies must be clean and tidy with well fitting, clean tack.

Plaited for all area, regional and national competitions. Plaiting at other competitions is at the discretion of the Sports Manager or DC

Red numnahs with CHPC logo. Please ensure the numnah is clean and the logo is correctly positioned.