Tuesday November 20, 2018


Sunday 30th September 2018

at Hartpury

Due to circumstances beyond our control – please see the statement below from Hartpury – we have had to cancel the show on Sunday.

All entry fees will be returned –

  1. For those that paid by cheque and would like their cheque returned, please email Jane Ogle (gogle@btinternet.com) by Wednesday 3rd October to say that you are sending an s.a.e. for the cheque to be returned – after Wednesday all remaining cheques will be destroyed.
  2.  For those that paid by BACS please email (as above) the following information: Name of  rider, PC Branch/Centre, Name of Account holder with name of bank, account number and sort code. These will be paid asap – but please be patient.
  3. For any of those that would like to enter either of the shows below – please email (as above) – name of rider/pony, Branch/Centre or Open (if for Hartpury) and which class(es) you want to enter and we will keep the entry fee to pay for those, with nothing more to pay as the class fee  may be increased for next year.

We are really disappointed for you and us, but hope that you all understand the reasons why. We would like to thank all those that entered and hope that you are able to come to either or both of our next two show jumping shows which will be: 

Sunday 3rd March 2019 at Hartpury in the (large) International Arena – 70cm up to 1.10m classes, to include the last chances to qualify for the Area Dengie competitions (which are on 17th March 2019 for Area9). This will be  open to all, teams & individuals.

Monday 15th April 2019 at Allenshill – 50cm up to 1.10m (if sufficient entries)-  for Pony Club Members only but to include one class for ex-Members/parents of present Members which will have cash prizes to go to a nominated Branch/Centre.


Statement from Hartpury: 

‘There is a confirmed case of strangles at Hartpury affecting one horse. The horse is in isolation and we are working with the Vets to ensure appropriate steps are in place to minimise risks to the wider population. This includes reducing horse movement which unfortunately means that we are cancelling commercial bookings and events. We feel it is important to be precautionary, considering our standing within the equine industry and to minimise risks as much as possible. These actions are likely to be in place until the 10th of October.’






























Please can  everyone read these notes BEFORE they look at the drawn orders for the classes.

1) Rules & regulations: as on the Schedule – by collecting your number you are deemed to be aware of all the rules and regulations on the schedule and any displayed on the day of the show.

2) Parking: please park considerately. Do NOT leave any pony/horse tied up outside your lorry/trailer unattended.

N.B. There is no gate between the lorry park and the main road. Please do NOT muck out onto the lorry/car park.

3) Catering – available beside the arena

4) Numbers – please collect your number from the Secretary . Numbers must be visible at all times whilst you are riding.

On the reverse of each number should be the name of Rider/Horse and which classes (and teams with approx times) you are in – please check these on collection – any mistakes let the Secretary know.

5) Please warm up in the ‘back arena’ and come to the holding area beside the arena when asked.

6) Prize-giving will be unmounted – by the Secretary

7) We will try and keep to the given (approximate) times as close as possible – IF WE GET AHEAD, WE WILL STAY AHEAD. Riders should be ready at least 15 minutes before their ‘given’ time

If you miss your slot we will try and fit you in asap, but you may have to wait until the end of the class.

If we get behind – please be patient (you may not know why we are late!)

8) Breathe, smile and enjoy – we hope you all have a good day!!

Course walks – Class One starts at 08:30, so the course will be available to walk up to 08:25. All other course walks will be about 5-10 minutes after the end of the previous class – please listen to the announcements and walk as quickly as possible.

There are a few surnames/names of ponies missing – if one of them is yours, please email Jane (gogle@btinternet.com) asap with the missing details or tell the Secretary on the day.

We are very busy (as you can see from the times – thanks to all those who have entered), but may be able to fit a couple more into Class Five (special class) or the last class (110cm) – please let Jane know before the day (by Sunday evening) or you may be able to enter on the day.