Competition Information

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Croome Show jumping Show

Thursday 30th May 2024 at Allens Hill (WR10 2DU)

Please read the notices below BEFORE clicking on the link for the times – by looking at the times you are deemed to have read the notices.

1. You have been given individual times – please try to be ready at least 10 minutes before your due time, so that if we do get ahead, we can stay ahead.

2. Don’t forget to print your numbers and either wear in a number bib or on your back or both sides of the saddlecloth. Please do not use bridle numbers, as these are very difficult to see from a distance.

3. There will be a maximum of eight ponies/horses allowed in the warm-up. Only one person (over 16) per combination is allowed in the warm-up. 

4. No tying up of horses/ponies to the outside of horse boxes/ trailers – please be very aware that there is no gate between the lorry park and the main road. Please clear up after your pony/horse – there is a wheelbarrow by the gate to the arena.

5. Dogs are welcome but they MUST always be on short leads and under control. You must clear up any deposits made by your dog immediately please.

6. Presentations will be unmounted by the secretary’s trailer (near the entrance to the lorry park) – please be turned out correctly for presentation.

7. If not in a Branch team, you will have been put into mixed teams – please make sure you know the name of the team(s) you are in.

8. There will be a café selling hot and cold food, drinks and snacks – please follow the signs from the car/lorry park along the drive to get to the café.

9. If there are spaces, we will take entries on the day – payment by (the correct) cash or card.

10. Most of all – we hope you have a good day – breathe, smile and enjoy!!