News | 26 March 2024

East Down go to Spring Festival


Barrier Animal Health Spring Festival round up!

A weekend to remember….
It all started on a cold, snowy🌨 Saturday morning (no joke, actually snow not even sleet) But the grey clouds lifted and a weekend of incredible & most of all, heartwarming horsemanship commenced!
The picturesque ‘Castle Irvine’ did not disappoint. Not only because of the fabulous facilities & old stone beauty. But because within it…. was a ponyclub family like no other….🩵
Our 30 members travelling team definitely brought the competition to ‘Necarne’!!🙌🏻
Whether our riders placed, or achieved small personal gains, or simply soaked up the atmosphere of this championship event….
It’s important that we pay tribute to all our gritty Rockstar kids that felt the fear and did it anyway!!💪
The indoor dressage was a theatre like no other. The magnificent walled garden set a stage for the Showjumping & Arena Eventing that the CEO of ‘The Pony Club’ was even blown away by!!
Much thanks goes to our AREA 17 Rep Fran Rowlatt McCormick for pulling together an awesome Championship event with all the Branch representatives. These are a very cool bunch of hardworking volunteers!
These are not professional pictures, these are ‘OUR’ photos…. This is how it really was! 🩵
I have mentioned a few outstanding placings up to 10th below ⬇️
Please note that these classes are absolutely huge!
1st- Imogen Gray
(Also the best score over the entire dressage field at the championship!)
6th- Harris Mathers
7th- Ellen Hare
7th- Tabitha Cullen
9th Georgia Linehan
5th- Cerys Owens
10th- Harris Mathers
2nd- Cara Hamill
(Cara held the 1st position slot right to the end!)
7th- Catherine Sloan
10th- Cara Napier
9TH- Maisie McCracken
7th- Georgia Storey
7th- Sarah Sloan
3rd- Emma Burns
We are incredibly proud of all who took part!