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There are huge range of sports and opportunities to get involved in competing with #teamfernie. We here to help decipher and guide through starting out competing and the associated rules – we’re here and want to help, any questions about absolutely anything, just ask our Team Managers !

Branch competitions

These competitions are run by branches in a range of sports. There are individual or/ and team competitions – it’s great fun and opportunity to compete together in a supportive team environment.

Most members start with branch competitions before going onto Area and Regional competitions. We can support you with deciding which competitions, what level or any other concerns or queries – our team managers are listed on the Contact Fernie page.

There are opportunities for all ages to compete at all levels – we also share schedules and how to enter are shared in our closed Facebook page.

Regional and Area qualifiers 

The Pony Club is split into 19 areas across the UK, Fernie is in Area 6. Regional and Area Qualifying Competitions are held annually each sport within each area.

These competitions give the opportunity to qualify for Regional or National Championships.

The Area Quiz and Winter Triathlon are at the start of the year, with their own National competitions.

Sports including Tetrathlon, Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Horse and Pony Care and Mounted Games qualify for the Regional and National Championships in August.

We send out information to everyone before the competitions and we’d encourage everyone to look to take part !

Spring Festivals

The Spring Festivals are another opportunity to ride for the club to qualify for a national final. The qualifying area competitions are held in over the winter, with the final being at the end of February.

  • Dressage
    • Grassroots to Open level
  • Showjumping
    • PC70 to PC100 (5cm higher in final)
  • Arena Eventing
    • PC70 to PC100

Area 6 Leagues

We are lucky to have our series of different leagues across a growing number of sports within our Area. These leagues enable members to compete across a season, gaining points leading to some amazing prizes.

The current series are:

  • Ryder at Premier Equestrian Eventing League, from events across the summer season
  • Cheval Liberte Area 6 Dressage Winter League, from Oct 1st to Apr 30th
  • Cheval Liberte Area 6 Show Jumping Winter League, from Oct 1st to Apr 30th
  • Cheval Liberte Area 6 Triathlon Winter League, from Oct 1st to Apr 30th

Winter leagues have competitions starting at 30cm showjumping and walk and trot dressage tests – so there are opportunities for all !

Jumping competitions at Horse Trials

Being part of pony club gives us the opportunity to take part in Pony Club Team Jumping competitions at prestigious events such as Chatsworth, Burghley and Blenhiem.

These competitions are either Show Jumping or Arena Eventing and limited to 1 team per branch. Before the event we will share the details, ask who is interested in attending via our closed Facebook group.

So which sport…?

The pony club offers a range of sports – at the Fernie we have training and teams in the following sports:

  • Show Jumping
  • Eventing
  • Arena eventing
  • Dressage
  • Tetrathlon / Triathlon
  • Horse and Pony Care

We encourage our members to get involved with a variety of sports. Each sport has its own Rule Book including eligibility for qualifiers – which are great source of information on everything from permitted tack and equipment, to how the competition rules work, to safety guidance.

Where to go for support?

If you’re interested in getting involved, not sure which level to start at or just want to understand more, the Team Manager are here to offer you support, guidance or information – we can guide you through from eligibility, tack to where to start.

You don’t need to be competitive or experienced – we work hard to create a supportive and developmental approach to competing, and offer training to specifically help you get prepared for competing.

FREE Coaching Support at competitions

Supporting at competitions is one of the most vital investments we make.

We fund coaches to support at competitions – checking tack, walking courses, calming nerves (parents too !), warming the members up and help them understand what being a good sportsperson is all about !

We will publish in the Facebook group when we aiming to send a coach.