Monday November 29, 2021
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Competition Times

Tetrathlon and Triathlon  25th October 2021 at Andreas Airfield.

There will be catering at this event – Funky Foodz have very kindly agreed to come so please support.

Directions – Turn off at Andreas School go straight on at roundabout and carry on for about a mile until you come to sign for left turn – directly opposite you will see the an entrance with Pony Club banner go through the gate until you come to the Portacabin – there is an enclosed area with barriers for parking please park in there.

Number bibs required.  Numbers can be collected from the Secretary’s Portacabin. 

Live results will be available on :- “Pony Club Results”

Riding Cross Country

Dress will be as for normal cross country – skull cap (no peak) and back protector to current Pony Club standard, hair in hair net and no earings unless covered by tape.  Lead rein can be excused from wearing back protector.

White course will be as normal.

Other courses will be shortened – warm up in field opposite the Portacabin then down to the start –over Fences 1 and 2 through the gate and over fence 3 but do not go not into the top field go across to the gallop and then down the gallop and carry on the normal course to finish in the start field.

Beanies – White Course  628 m No Optimum time

Tadpoles Purple Course  1850m No Optimum Time

Junior – Yellow Course 1850m  Optimum Time  4m 07s

Open – Red Course 1850m  Optimum Time  3m54s

Bean Bag Shooting  at  approx.. 10.30am
When finished cross country please report to Portacabin for bean bag shooting


Running will commence at approx. 11.15 –  trainers,leggings, t shirt


Will take place at 4.00pm at Peel Swimming Pool  – floatation aids may be used if required.  Prize Presentation will take place after the swimming.  

Class 1 Tetrathlon Beanies Boys/ Girls WHITE COURSE  
Bridle No Rider Horse  
75 Willow Curphey Alice 10.03
76 George Jackson Smoothmoor Barbie 10.06
77 Harriet Bailey Cwmllyfell Sabrina 10.09
78 Caelan Douglas Twinkle 10.12
79 Hattie Pepper Jed 10.15
Class 2 Triathlon Beanies Boys/ Girls W  
  Pip Underwood    
  Sorley Cringle-Preston    
  Annabelle Bailey    
  Zakk Shimell    
  Harley Lace    
Class 3 Tetrathlon Tadpoles Boys/ Girls W  PURPLE COURSE PURPLE COURSE  
Bridle No Rider Horse  
80 Breesha Byers  * Deedee 10.00
81 Emilia Lace Miss Apple 10.18
82 Libby Shimmin Mereholme Baxter 10.21
83 Sienna Curphy Polo 10.25
84 Annabelle Byers Wes 10.30
  * jump out of order    
Class 4 Triathlon Tadpoles Boys/ Girls W  
  Cameron Eyres    
  Molly Huxham    
  Jed Dixon Howells    
Class 6 Triathlon Mini Boys/ Girls W  
  Evie Grayse Cringle-Preston  
Class 7 Tetrathlon Junior Boys/ Girls W YELLOW COURSE  
Bridle No Rider Horse  
85 Francesca Loader Hocus Pocus 10.40
86 Gypsy-Mae Quirk Cong Barracouda 10.42
87 Kenzie Steele Gaulstown Delcano 10.44
Class 8 Triathlon Juniors W    
  Sophie Bateson    
  Isla Caine    
Class 9 Tetrathlon Open W RED COURSE  
Bridle No Rider Horse  
88 Blae Richardson Rico Spun Gold 10.50