Wednesday September 27, 2023
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Tests to be held on Thursday 13th April 2023 at Kennaa. 

Tests – Thursday 13th April 2023.  Kennaa.

Members to wear normal rally attire complete with dark hat cover and gloves.

E tests

Robyn Redford                 All to be mounted and ready to ride in indoor at 9.00am   
Annabelle Bailey 
Darcy Morgan Jones
Emily Osborne


Bronze Awards              All to be mounted and ready to ride in indoor at 10.00am  

Caelan Douglas 
Willow Curphey 
Fliss Shimmin 
Darcie Duggan 

D test                       All to be mounted and ready to ride in indoor at 11.00am  

Rowen Thompson                                     
Sirona Thompson 
Lily Roberts 
Harriet Bailey

Silver Awards
Group 1                        
All to be mounted and ready to ride in indoor at 12.30pm  
Ruby Corkish                 Horse care 1.15 – 1.45pm   
Alfie Phythian
Hannah Wylie 
Brnaby Phythian
Hannah Kerruish

Group 2                        

 Annabelle Byers      Horse Care 12.30 – 1.00pm  
Breesha Byers           Riding – All mounted ready to ride 1.15 – 1.45pm 
Molly Huxham
Grace Quilliam 

D+ test

Group 1                  

Libby Shimmin          All to be  mounted ready to ride in indoor 2.00pm – 2.30pm  
Emily Corrin                Horse Care 2.45 – 3.15pm  
Victoria Thompson
Henrietta Granger
Evie Groves

Group 2                     
Ruby Qualtrough           Horse Care 2.00 – 2.30pm 
Evie Grayse Cringle Preston  Riding all to be mounted ready to ride in indoor 2.45 – 3.15pm 
Roma Forfar
Sofia Grounds
Eve Steriopulos 


C+ Test
This will be held On Wednesday 19th April at 12.00 at Andreas Airfield.  The riding will take approximately 1.5 hours.  The Horse Care will be held at Peter’s house at  4.30pm  and will take approx. 1.5 hours.  Parents are invited to attend the debrief at 6.00pm

Ponies to be plaited, members to wear dark hat covers, beige jods, jacket, back protector,  shirt and tie and if bad weather dark over jacket.   The cost for the test will be £25 which can be entered online at

 Eve McGeown  
Isla Caine  
Isla Granger 
Tayla Griffin To pay
Emma Parsons 
Jemima Mylchreest To pay
Kenzie Steele 
Grace Wolstencroft  To pay