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Results 2017

 Beginners One Day Event and Combined Training 2nd November 2017

Lead Rein Combined Training – poles on the ground Candy Tots Trophy 1st Sienna Curphey, 2nd Hattie Pepper, 3rd= Annabelle Byers and Breesha Byers
Bunnyhop Combined Training – Cross poles Pony Club combined Training Trophy – 1st Kenzie Steele. 2nd Lilee Carter 3rd Ruby Qualtrough, 4th Daniel Collister Mini One Day Event –
Under 9 – Cross Poles Jenny Wren Trophy -1st Emma Parsons, 2nd Isla Caine, 3rd Tayla Griffin Garret Trophy – Best Dressage – Emma Parsons
Mini One Day Event – 9 and Over – 50cm Creer Contracting Trophy – 1st Isabel Ennett, 2nd Lindsay Collister, 3rd Sophie Bateson, 4th Faye Qualtrough,  5th Sophie Parsons Pony Club Trophy – Best Dressage – Lindsay Collister
Bunnny hop Trophy for best dressage on the day – Emma Parsons

Pony Club Team Hunter Trial Thursday 20th July 2017

1st Looking Hot 2 Trot – Charlotte Shimmin – Mighty Atom, Sammy Cattle – Rockmount Kallie, Jo Priest – Mr Toby and Paula Creer – Oisin Earl of Dreams
2nd Usual Crew C – Lauren Batty – Mya, Amelia Hotchkiss – Jimmy, Eva Jones – Rio and Lucy Parsons – Pandora 3
3rd Whiskey Run – Charlotte – Geoghegan – Harry,  Hannah Geoghegan – Ben,  Rose Crellin – Pete, Glenn Faragher – Tilly Mint
4th Usual Crew B – Lola Bass – Bailey, 2nd Immy Millward – Misty, Abby Jackson – Raffles, and Amelia Hotchkiss – Liam

Summer Showjumping League 13th July 2017

Class 1 – Cross Poles – 1st Sophie Bateson – Red, 2nd Faye Qualtrough – Fergal, 3rd Sophie Parsons – Ballytemple Sunrise, 4th Emma Parsons – Conrhenny Boomerang
Class 2 – 55cm – – 1st Sophie Bateson – Red, 2nd Faye Qualtrough – Fergal, 3rd Sophie Parsons – Ballytemple Sunrise, 4th Emma Parsons – Conrhenny Boomerang
Class 3 65cm 1st Jess Blaymire – Steve, 2nd Lucy Parsons – Heathway Pandora, 3rd Eva Jones – Rio 4th Abby Jackson – Raffles
Class 4 75cm – 1st Jess Blaymire – Steve, 2nd Lucy Parsons – Heathway Pandora, 3rd Abby Jackson – Raffles  4th Eva Jones – Rio
Class 5 85cm Junior 1st Immy Millward – Mistaken Identity, 2nd Lauren Batty Miya
Senior – 1st Victoria Garner – Four Humour, 2nd Chloe Chadwick – Innocent Flight
Class 6 95cm Junior 1st Lauren Batty – Miya
Senior 1st Charlotte Shimmin – Mighty Atom, 2nd Sammy Cattle – Rockmount Kallie, 3rd Victoria Garner – Four Humour
Class 7 105cm Senior 1st Charlotte Shimmin – Mighty Atom, 2nd Sammy Cattle – Rockmount Kaillie.

Many thanks to our judges for the night Karen and Colleen Miller, Course builder and collecting Jen Crennell and Kate Dawson.

Eventing Grand Prix Saturday 8th July 2017

Class 1 PC70 Junior 1st Daisy Loader – Barry, 2nd  George Hotchkiss – Greystones Pilgrim, 3rd Jade Fyfe – Just Like Dylan 4th Lucy Parsons – Heathway Pandora

Class 2 PC70 Senior 1st Jane Dean – Serenata

Class 3 PC80 Junior 1st Isla Curphey – Meadow Lark, 2nd Jade Fyfe – Penny Pursuits, 3rd Sammie Callister – Mexican Sky, 4th Percy Hampton – Deep Blue

Class 4 PC 80 Senior 1st Charlotte Geoghegan – Harry , 2nd Clare Drewry – Aclare Cracker, 3rd Claire Hawley-Scott – Stan the Man, 4th Gemma Barker – Ben

Class 5 PC 90 Junior 1st Amelia Hotchkiss – Jimmy, 2nd Percy Hampton – Deep Blue, 3rd Jade Fyfe – Miss Behaving, 4th Lauren Batty – Oh Mi

Class 6 PC 90 Senior – 1st Joanna Priest – Mr Toby, 2nd Rebecca Baggs – Minstrel Quest, 3rd Charlotte Shimmin – Mighty Atom 4th Sammy Cattle – Rockmount Kaillie

Class 7 PC 100 Junior 1st Amelia Hotchkiss – Greystones Pilgrim, 2nd Hannah Geoghegan – Ben

Class 8 PC100 Senior – 1st Sammy Cattle – Rockmount Kaillie, 2nd Rebecca Baggs – Langarth Morgan le Faye, 3rd Rebecca Baggs – Minstrels Quest, 4th Joanna Priest – Mr Toby.

10th June 2017

pdficon Triathlon Results

Hunter Trial
11th May 2017

pdficon Hunter Trial Full Results

One Day Event
7th May 2017

pdficon One Day Event Full Results


Fun show and Showjumping at Kennaa
Sunday 16th April 2017

Class 1 In hand – Prettiest Mare – 1st Ruby Corkish – Tyler Ambroisa, 2nd Oliva Burns – Melody, 3rd Tayla Griffin – Jess, 4th Lindsay Collister – Goldie
Class 2 In hand – Most handsome gelding – 1st George Hotchkiss – Jimmy, 2nd Emma Parsons – Conrhenny Boomerang, 3rd Susannah Callister – Mexican Sky, 4th Blae Richardson – Rambo Class 3 – Easter Bonnet – 1st Lindsay Collister
Class 4 – Best figure of 8 in trot – 1st Katie Keenan – Hayley, 2nd Susannah Collister – Mexican Sky, 3rd =Sophie Parsons – Ballytemple Sunrise and Kaitlyn Mclean – Emeral Leoni
Class 5 – Novelty Class – 1st Lindsay Collister – Goldie, 2nd Kaitlyn McLean – Emeral Leoni, 3rd Daniel Collister – Baxter, 4th Sophie Parsons – Ballytemple Sunrise
Class 6 – Pony judge would most like to take home – 1st Blae Richardson – Rambo, 2nd Emma Parsons – Conrhenny Boomerang, 3rd Susannah Collister – Mexican Sky, 4th Tayla Griffin – Jess Class 7 Veteran Pony 1st Evie Butterworth – Grianah Vida, 2nd Emila Lace – Milly, 3rd Chloe Laisney – Little Miss Muffett
Class 8 – Pony Club Pony – 1st Lindsay Collister – Goldie, 2nd= Blae Richardson – Rambo and Kaitlyn McLean – Emeral Leoni, 4th Tayla Griffin – Jess.


Showjumping results:-

Class 1 – Pole on the Ground 1st Daniel Collister – Baxter, 2nd James Collister – Goldie, 3rd – Oliva Burns – Melody
Class 2 – Cross poles1st Tayla Griffin – Jess, 2nd Susannah Collister – Mexican Sky, 3rd Isla Caine – Conrhenny Firefly, 4th  Isabel Ennett – Merlin
Class 3 – 50cm 1st Lucy Parsons – Pandora, 2nd Evie Butterworth – Grianagh Vida, 3rd Lucy Parsons – Conrhenny Boomerang, 4th Isabel Ennett – Merlin
Class 4 -60cm. 1st Aislinn Lace – Lucky, 2nd Lucy Parsons – Pandora, 3rd Katie Keenan – Hayley, 4th Evie Buterworth – Grianagh Vida
Class 5 – 70cm Junior. 1st 1st Lauren Batty – Oh Mi, 2nd Eva Jones – Rio, 3rd Katie Keenan – Hayley4th Amelia Hotchkiss – Jimmy
Class 5 – 70cm Senior 1st Stacey Stewart – Tigger, 2nd Emily Mylchreest – Gem
Class 6 – 80cm Junior 1st Lauren Batty – Oh Mi, 2nd Aislinn Lace – Lucky 3rd Karie Bridson – Jake, 4th Aalish Creer – Trooper Noon
Class 6 – 80cm Senior 1st Claire Hawley-Scott – Stan the Man, 2nd Stacy Stewart – Tigger, 3rd Vitoria Ann Garner – Four Humour
Class 7 – 90cm 1st Karie Bridson, 2ns Lauren Batty – Oh Mi, 3rd Amelia Hotchkiss – Greystones Pilgrim 4th Blae Richardson – Rambo
Class 8 100cm 1st Amelia Hotchkiss Greystones Pilgrim, 2nd Charlotte Geoghegan – Harry
Class 9 – 110cm 1st Jenny Quirke – Nancy

Combined Training at Kennaa Saturday 25th March 2017

Class 1 Lead Rein – 1st Emilia Lace – Milly  2nd Sienna Curphey – Parsley

Class 2 First Ridden 1st Tayla Griffin – Chetwynd Jessica 2nd Susannah Callister – Mexican Sky 3rd= Iasla Caine – Confrhenny Fireflay and Issy Ennett – Merlin

Class 3 50cm 1st Lucy Parsons – Conrhenny Boomerang 2nd Lauren Bellamy – Goodwin Gratification 3rd= Lucy Parsons – Heathway Pandora and Katie Keenan – Hayley

Class 4 70cm 1st Abby Jackson – Conrhenny Wallaby2nd Eva Jones – Rio 3rd Aislinn Lace – Lucky 4th Kaitlynn Arrowsmith – Billy the Kid

Class 5 80cm 1st Frankie Cullen – Dash 2nd Holy Dimelow – Midnight Mystery 3rd Freya Cowie – Burnbank Aphrodite 4th Immy Millward – Mistaken Identity

Class 6 – 90cm 1st Charlie Morrey – Nerissa, 2nd Amelia Hotchkiss – Greystones Pilgrim

Class 8 105cm 1st Lauren Bellamy – Riocca 2nd Freya Cullen – Honey Bunney

Games Competition at Ballavartyn Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Lead Rein/First Ridden
1st Sienna Curphey 2nd= Daniel Collister and Emma Parsons, 4th= Tayla Griffin and Isla Caine 6th Emilia Lace

10 & Under
1st George Hotchkiss, 2nd= Sophie Parsons and Susie Callister 4th Kaitlyn McLean  5th Lindsay Collister

14 & Under Heat 1
1st Aislinn Lace, 2nd= Sammie Callister and Lucy Parsons, 4th Zevi Sansbury 5th Freya Cowie

14 & Under Heat 2
1st Abby Jacskon, 2nd Eva Jones 3rd Blae Richardson 4th Amelia Hotchkiss 5th Immy Milward 6th Lauren Batty