Thursday April 22, 2021
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Area Training – Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing

Area 4 Eventing will be held on Sunday 5th July 2019 at Somerford

Dates for Area Showjumping are Sunday 28th June at Lancaster  and Dressage Saturday 20th June at Warran Farm, hosted by Haydock Branch

Members will now have the opportunity to compete at Area competitions at the following levels:- grassroots – 80cm, novice – 90/95cm, intermediate – 100/105cm and open 110/115cm. Training will be provided (initially every third week) in preparation for the Area competition and anyone interested in taking part off Island to represent the IOM Pony Club should email Nina Corrin ( to let her know which discipline and level .

Area Eventing you must have previously competed round at least the level of cross country course at Oatlands which you wish to be considered for – if possible ideally one higher; Showjumping you should be  competing regularly at the level you wish to be considered for.
The combination of horse and rider  must have attended three rallies (excluding team practices and coaching) since the 1st July 2019 and be a fully paid up member by 28th February 2020 . For your Area entries to be paid you must have attended one working rally before 1st January 2019. Training will start on Monday 25th November at Kennaa.

For full rules for all disciplines please visit