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1. The eligibility to compete at Area Competition of all members over the age of 16 (or in their GCSE year and above) who do not or cannot meet the Area 6 requirements will be at the discretion of the DC. The DC will need to be satisfied that the member is both competent and safe at the requested level.

2. Area 6 requires its members to show commitment to The Pony Club and in particular to the branch in which they belong. This commitment should be demonstrated on three or more occasions, one of which must be mounted within their own branch in the current calendar year on the horse/pony with which they wish to compete. In addition to demonstrating loyalty to the branch, the combination of horse and rider may also be required to prove their competence, safety, plus fitness of horse or pony, in the specific sport and level that the member wishes to participate at.

3. Commitment activities may include – Achievement Badges, Area Organised Activities, Camps, Coaching and Instructing, Discipline Specific Training, Inter Branch Team Competition Participation, Rallies, Team Training (both mounted and unmounted), Test Training and Volunteering. DC’s may consider other areas of commitment at their discretion.

4. Commitment activities must be undertaken between 1st July, 2023 and 30th June, 2024, one of which must be in the current calendar year.

5. Members must be able to provide verifiable results if requested at the level or above they wish to compete at in Area Competition. Pony Club Results, Eventing Scores, BD, BS, Riding Club and Schools for example.

6. All new horse/pony combinations must have been seen at least once in the current calendar year by the DC or representative before the Area Competition.

7. Requests for DC discretion may be made for consideration into circumstances preventing the above requirements not being fulfilled, however under no circumstances will a combination be allowed to compete in Area Competition at a level that they have not previously completed in at competition.

8. Individual Branches may insist on additional measures to satisfy their requirements for Team and Individual selection.