Saturday September 23, 2023
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 We are having another shooting/beanie practice on Monday 31st Aug 5pm at Ashton Close Farm, Snelston, DE6 2DL.

Schedule for Triathlon at Warwickshire Hunt Branch of the Pony Club, Beanies, Tadpoles, Minimus, Juniors and Intermediate  Triathlon Schedule Sept 13th 2020 (1)

As you can see below, we had some very good results in the past.  We are now hoping to get teams together again to represent us in this discipline.  



June 2017Izzy and Cracker

Izzy Mead and her pony Cracker were chosen to represent the East of England at the Junior Regional Tetrathlon at Moreton Morrell last weekend

This event is always lots of fun as all the regions camp together and a big party takes place on the last night.

The overall event was won by the Irish, followed by Schotland.  The standard of the athletes was incredible.

Izzy had a good shoot and run, plus one metre of a PB in her swim.

The XC, is always the toughest TET course of the year with some very challenging technical combinations.  The water was a meaty drop rail into the water and a skinny out (it had 4 parts), many people saying you were unlikely to meet a combination like that before Novice in British Eventing.

Out of 113 girls there were 26 clear in the time – to put it into context.

2 of the 13 East of England girls did fabulous clear rounds

Cracker was on top form, he flew clear round every difficult combination in the time, what a star, he was just penalised for shooting past the smallest fence on the course!!! The jump judge had leapt up in hi viz, shouting at people to get off the course, causing Cracker to spook to the side.

Lots of fun was had by all.

Now there’s a bit of a rest before the Area Tet and hopefully the Championships at Bishop Burton.


Many Congratulations to Izzy Mead for winning the first Tetrathlon of the season run by the Barlow Pony Club and held at the lovely Osberton Estate.




Izzy Mead competed at the Winter Triathlon Championships at Milton Keynes yesterday.

For this competition you have to come first or second in your Area Event to qualify.  this was Izzy’s first time of qualifying.


She was thrilled to be one second off a personal best in her run, (not easy as it was very windy), she got a Personal Best in her swim and a good shoot of 900, despite shaking with nerves!

Izzy came a very respectable 28th and most importantly, loved being part of the East of Midlands Group and competing with all her friends.


The first Tetrathlon of the year is on the Osberton Estate, please contact Sarah Mead asap if you are interested, as entries have to be in very soon.


January 2017

Izzy getting ready for the Tetrathlon season , which starts with the Barlow on the 8th and 9th of April.  The XC is on the lovely Osberton Estate .  Izzy and her pony Cracker have qualified for the Championships for the last two years and hope to be there again this year .

Izzy was 2nd at the Brocklesby Triathlon in November and last weekend won the Quorn Triathlon at Ratcliffe College !
The 29th January is the Cottesmore Triathlon at Catmose Sports Centre . If anyone fancies joining in and having a ton of fun,  we would love to see you, its not too late to enter!   


July 2016

Izzy and her pony Cracker have qualified for the Tetrathlon Championships at the Area event at Aylesford, coming 3rd out of 24 strong competitors .

Izzy had third best run and scored full marks for the XC  going clear within the tight time .

They will be heading off to Bishop Burton next week for the Championships .

We would so love to be part of a team as to qualify as an individual is so hard …… there anyone out there interested in being in a team next year (boys or girls  aged between 12 and 14 on 1/1/2017) ?
If you are interested call Sarah on 07870829320


April 2016

Meynell member Izzy Mead travelled all the way to Oundle again at the weekend for her first Tetrathlon of the season.
She had a  great shoot, swim and an amazing Personal Best in her run , she was lying in 5th place after the Tri .
It was a lovely XC course but had rained over night and was very slippy . The time was tight and no one made it round without time faults .
Izzy had a great round with her pony Cracker and ended up in a phenomenal 4th place .
Well done Izzy , the East Midlands Junior girls are really strong in Tetrathlon so this is a huge achievement


March 2016

Meynell member Izzy Mead has had a very successful Winter Triathlon season.   At the recent Burghley Tri Izzy had 3rd best run and got a personal best in her swim, she was placed 4th overall.

Last month she travelled all the way to Oundle on a freezing day to compete.The run was so tough, literally a battle against the elements , heavy rain and winds !
Despite the weather, Izzy had another great day and amongst strong competition in a class of 22 was placed 5th . Well done Izzy , keep up the good work , you are doing amazingly.

The first Tetrathlon that Izzy is taking part in is the Fitzwilliam’s on the 24th and 25th of April and then the Cottesmore on 29th and 30th May .

If you would like to join her , or even just do the Tri’s please contact Sarah on 01335347079


July 2015

Tet 1

The Tet season is coming to a close and its been a season of success for Meynell members Hannah and Izzy.
At the Cottesmore Izzy came 6th gaining best shoot , she went clear cross country with a few time faults and got a PB in her run and swim.
At the Belvoir and South Notts Hannah and Izzy competed in the Tri. They both smashed their swims and runs and Izzy got best shoot ( again ! ), Izzy was 3rd and Hannah 4th overall. Well done girls, you have improved so much and make us very proud.
Izzy was selected to represent the East of England in May in the Regional event at Moreton Morrell . It was an amazing experience , many friends were forged and much fun was had. The highlight of the weekend was the barbeque and disco on the Saturday night . Not sure whether the grown ups or children had more fun ! The cross country was an extremely challenging course that Izzy and Cracker did well to get round. Izzy also got 3rd best shoot out of over 100 competitors .

Our Tet team has been doing really well at recent events and having lots of fun, why don’t you join us ?
On May 2nd and 3rd there is the area 5 Tet at Stanthorne Parks ,Sandbach and Smallwood.
Area 5 are also holding a one day Tri on May 23rd. There is no swimming with this one and the riding phase is to be show jumping rather than x country. There is the possibility of a Mini team for this one .
24th and 25th May is Cottesmore
13th and 14th June is Belvoir and South Notts
July 4th and 5th is the Area 6 Qualifier at Ratcliffe College and Aylesford
August 8th and 9th Area Tet at Gratham and Aylesford

If you are interested in going please contact Sarah Mead on 01335347079    or     07870829320

April 2015

Hannah Fleck and Izzy Mead travelled to Oundle for the Fitzwilliam Tri/Tet last weekend,
They did incredibly well , both achieving personal bests in their runs and swims .
Hannah came 6th in the Tri and Izzy was 4th in her first junior Tet and also got best shoot


February 2015

Meynell members Hannah and Izzy did really well again at their latest Tri . They both did amazing swims and runs and great shoots in very cold conditions . Their combination with another pony club member were placed third . Well done girls, keep up the good work.
Entries needed now for Barlow Tri/Tet on 28th/29th March . Contact Sarah Mead 01335347079

3 Meynell members, Hannah, Izzy and Rose, did amazingly well at the recent Cottesmore Triathlon at Catmose Sports Centre. They have been putting in a lot of training recently and it really paid off.
All three girls achieved personal bests in their runs and swims. Izzy won best shoot in the class.  Our team was made up to a team of 4 with another pony club member and they came first. What an achievement , well done girls !
We need some more Tri/Tet goers, why not come and join us and have some fun .