Monday November 28, 2022
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Results of Meynell PC Easter Showjumping 2019



1 Evie V – West Mids

2 Neve A – South Trent

3 Beactrice B-H – Meynell

4 Amellie T – Meynell

5 Henry T – South Staffs

6 Matilda A – Meynell


1 Meynell Little Stars – Beatrice, Amellie, Gracie & Matilda

2 Meynell Little Diamonds – Jemima, Jake, Maisie&Maisie

3 South Trent – Oliver, Alexander, Isla, Neve

4 Meynell& South Staffs mixed – Millie, Alexia, Henry & Joe




1 Holly L – Meynell

2 Sam B – Quorn

3 Megan P – Quorn

4 Ellie T – Quorn

5 Neve A – South Trent

6 Mia W – Quorn


1 Quorn Hunt Girls – Mia, Megan, Ellie & Mollie

2 South Trent – Neve, Alex, Ira x 2

3 Quorn Hunt Boys – Jack, Fred, Oliver & Sam

4 Meynell Dolly Mixtures – Lucy, Holly  &Maisie



1 Niamh O’T – Meynell

2 Annie A-W – Meynell

3 Grace G – Meynell

4 Harriet Cam – Meynell

5 Isabelle A – Meynell

6 Isabelle M – South Trent


1 Meynell Oak – Grace, Isabelle, Niamh, Abigail

2 MeynellElm – Annie, Beatrice, Daisy

3 South Staffs Purple – Sam, Holly, Leah, Milly

4 MeynellSycamore – Violette, Hattie, Hattie Cam & Tabitha



1 Lexi B – Meynell

2 Izzy C – Meynell

3 Olivia R – South Staffs

4 Annabelle G – South Staffs

5 Karla A – Rufford

6Georgie E – Quorn


1  Meynell Stars – Abigail, Isabelle, Charlie, Grace

2 South Staffs Sapphires &1 – Annabelle, Zara, Olivia & Tabitha

3 Quorn Hunt – Holly, Kyna, Georgie& Georgia

4 Meynell Diamonds – Annie, Niamh, Izzy& Beth






1 Lucy D’A – Meynell

2 Holly M – Quorn

3 Alice C – Meynell

4 Georgia D – Quorn

5 Karla A – Rufford

6 Georgie B – Meynell


1 Mixed team – Georgie B (Meynell) Karla A (Rufford) & Bethany D (South Trent)

2 Quorn – Holly, Kyna, Georgie& Georgia

3 Meynell Pink – Becky, Lucy, Sophie & Hattie

4 Meynell Purple – Abigail, Lexie, Izzy& Alice



1 Karla A – Rufford

2 Abbie R – Meynell

3 Olivia R – South Staffs

4 Becky C – Meynell

5 Abigail H – Meynell

6 Alice C – Meynell


1 Meynell Blue – Lucy, Charlotte, Abbie& Abigail

2 South Staffs – Olivia, Indy, Freya

3 Meynell Green – Becky, Sophie, Holly & Alice



Arena Eventing Results 2018


We had a great day at our Arena Eventing at Beaverhall . Some lovely riding, jumping & fancy dress!! Thank you to all those who came and all those who helped.
Below are the results:
40cm Off Lead rein
1st Rosie W, 2nd Lily C, 3rdFlorence P, 4th Sophie B, 5th Alyssia F, 6th Chloe N, 7th Tully G

40cm on Lead Rein
1st Ana Lightfoot, 2nd Lucy Lightfoot

50cm Older
1st Rosie W, 2nd Lucy Mc, 3rd Chloe N, 4th Alyssia Fm 5th Sophie B, 6th Daisy

50cm younger
1st Beatrice B-H, 2nd Maja A, 3rd Lily C, 4th Amillie T, 5th Ava-May, 6th Molly.

1st Amellie T, 2nd Beatrice B-H, 3rd Daisy F, 4th Gracie J, 5th Fleur B, 6th Molly M.

1st Darcy W, 2nd Gracie J, 3rd Violette A, 4th Fleur B, 5th Emily H, 6th Natalie H.

1st Darcy W, 2nd Josie N, 3rd Lexi B, 4th Grace G, 5th Violette A.

1st Lucy D’A, 2nd Holly C(Party) 3rd Holly C (Ginger), 4th Grace G, 5th Josie N, 6th Georgie B.

1st Holly C (Party) 2nd Holly C (Ginger).

An amazing day at the South Staffs Dressage competition and our Meynell dressage riders have had a really successful day

In the Walk Trot test Lily Crompton was our only rider and she came 2nd and 4th

In the Intro test Lucy Macdonald was our only rider and she came 5th

The Grassroots test was in 2 sections and we had 14 riders in total – a brilliant turnout from our young riders new to dressage and they all kept their nerves in check to remember their tests and ride good solid tests

Section A – 1st – Abi Hydon 2nd – Tom Chester 3rd –  Louby Grainger 4th – Emily Archer 5th – Jenny Roobottom It was very close marking and this meant Niamh O’Toole and Clara Colbourne were just outside the placing on new ponies – well done girls

Section B – 1st Katie Ovenden 2nd Gracie Jenkins 3rd Katie McHardy 5th Olivia Haycock Great tests were also ridden by Charlie Colclough, Lexi Brennan and Hattie Cameron but just missed being placed which was a shame as they rode really well

PC Eventing 90 was in 2 sections and we had 7 riders some of who are attempting novice dressage for the first time!

Section A 1st – Becky Clarke 3rd – Niamh O’Toole Section B 2nd – Cosima Curzon 3rd – Tilly Grainger 4th – Georgie Brennan 6th – Izzy ClarkeEmma Haycock was just squeezed out of the placings with really close scoring

PC Eventing 100We only had Izzy Clarke in this section and she came 1st

I think you will agree that we have had a very successful day and all credit to our riders, mums and dads for turning out on a very warm Bank Holiday Monday I hope we can perform well at the areas now!!!  Very proud of them all x

congratulations to all our mini riders who took and passed their Mini Road Rider Badge.  Well done everyone.

Ana Lightfoot

Lucy Lightfoot

Jessica Wood

Olivia Corbett

Sophia Corbett

Lexi Corbett

Millie Sketchley

Finley Jacques

Tully Grant

Holly Layton

Harry Woodfield

Rosie Woodfield





prizewinners 2017


The Hardy Cup – Mounted Games

Area Team – Fleur & Berry Boyden, Violette Andre, Tia Conway

& Grace Jenkins

The Meynell Hunt Trophy – Intermediate Eventing

Sammy Harvey

Tommy Tittlemouse – Novice Eventing

Holly Clarke

Royal Saab Boy – Junior Eventing

Katie Gordon

Balance Shield – Novice Showjumping

Georgina Pugh-Lewis & Nell Attwal

Pauls Agricultural Shield – Junior Showjumping

Becky Clarke

Aldred Cup – Intermediate Dressage

Holly Clarke

Davies Bowl – Novice Dressage

Lydia Balls

Beasley Junior Cup – Junior Dressage

Poppy Field

Micheal Sayer – Tetrathlon

Izzy Mead

Mead Cup – Flying the Flag at the Champs

Musical Ride Team – Harriet Cameron, Lexie Brennan, Jenny Roobottom,

Charlie Colclough, Johnny & Hattie Clay

Sloman Salver – Most Considerate/Helpful

Sarah Gordon

Mojo Trophy – Junior Hunting

Lexie Brennan

The Wint Cup – Intermediate Hunting

Georgina Brennan

Richardson Trophy – Meynell Ambassador

Holly Clarke