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Lincomb Camp Monday July 22rd – Thursday July 25th  2019

NHHPC Camp Application Form 2019

Mini Camp – Tuesday 13th August to Thursday 15th August at The Elms School, Colwall – FULL DETAILS ON THE MINI PAGE

NHHPC MINI Camp Application Medical Form 2019 (1)

We have a fantastic and busy week planned for your children, with brilliant instructors and top notch facilities. We are really looking forward to seeing you all!!



For Senior and Junior Members 8 years and over

To be held at 

by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. A Symonds

Monday 22nd July to Thursday 25th July 2019

£260 + Bedding charge

Early Bird Offer: £25 saving if application & full payment is made by Friday 3rdMay 2019

£235 + Bedding charge

Camp costs are significantly subsidised by NHHPC in order to make camp accessible for all members  & include all members’ meals, activities/tuition, Camp T-shirt & stabling – Bedding is a separate cost this year  – please select & add to camp cost on the application form.

Sun 21st July 5-6pm – Set up tents and bring stable equipment (optional)

Mon 22nd July 9.00am  – Members arrive with horses/ponies and tackfor four full days of riding & activities.

Thursday 25thJuly from 4pm  – Prize Giving  – Parents welcome

Please send completed application, medical forms & photocopy of complete vaccination record by Friday 7thJune (if not taking advantage of the Early Bird £25 3rdMay Saverwhich also requires completed application, medical forms & photocopy of complete vaccination record) to:

Joanna White, Cottage Pastures, Hallwood Green, Gloucestershire, GL18 2EE

(Please appreciate we need to book instructors, stables and accommodation, so prompt, decisive applications are the best way to help us.)

Full payment to NHHPC please. Account: 41606531 Sort code: 54-30-51 Ref’ CAMPsurname

Please confirm via email to when you have paid

 Pony Club Camp with the North Hereford is very special – it provides amazing memories, is GREAT fun and they all learn lots. The friends they have made, they will keep for life!’

North Hereford Pony Club Parent

If you have any questions please enquire

Whilst every care will be taken, neither the officials of the Pony Club nor the landowner can be held responsible for any loss, damage or accident sustained by either members, parents, visitors, ponies, horses or vehicles at camp

General Information – Parents Please Read Carefully & Discuss With Pony Club Members.


There is an indoor kitchen/canteen area and breakfast, lunch, tea and supper will be provided for all members at camp. There may be a tuck shop too so a small amount of money may be useful!

  • Those choosing to go home each/any night may leave after 5pm or stay for supper and join in the evening activities (there is no difference in cost) – there is a signing out system which must be used.
  • The food is GREAT! – it is planned, prepared and cooked by a team of willing volunteers – there are lots of different types of jobs needing doing and all offers of help are appreciated. Please let us know if and when you are able to help so we can plan a rota – many hands make light work!
  • Parents, please bring a cake at the start of, or during the week – this is a really important & much appreciated contribution from everyone, for everyone – Please don’t forget.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to feed visiting parents or siblings – please bring a picnic.
  • Camping 

  • Shower and bathroom facilities are available.
  • Residential members must provide their own accommodation – tent, trailer, caravan or horsebox.
  • Max 4 per tent/trailer/caravan. This may be set up on Sunday between 5-6pm.
  • Anyone wishing to share, but unsure who to share with, please contact us – we may be able to help.
  • Activities are arranged for all evenings.
  • All camping areas to be kept clean and tidy. These will be inspected!
  • We do not expect any Members to bring alcohol/cigarettes/e-cigarettes into camp – Anyone found doing so will be asked to leave camp.
  • Please DO NOT wear jewellery or bring valuables into camp that may get lost or damaged, we do not 
accept responsibility for belongings.
  • It is neither necessary, advisable nor desirable that any camping member of the branch bring a mobile phone to camp.We do not accept responsibility for mobile phones & every supervising adult will carry one.
  • BEDTIME– Part of what makes our camp special is the range of ages we include. As a full week of 
activities, everyone gets very tired, particularly our younger members. Please be mindful of others needing sleep.

Those disrupting the peace after curfew will get early morning chores the following day and may be asked to stay at home for the next night.


  • There will be a minimum of 3 adults staying overnight who are DBS checked. This will include either the DC Caroline Queen or previous DC Sally Pearson each night.

If you wish to stay overnight as a parent volunteer orhelp during the day as a parent volunteer, you will be required to have attended a Safeguarding course & have a valid DBS certificate – NHHPC will be organizing a course before camp & are happy to help with DBS – Please contact Susie Gibbs

  • We have a volunteer camp nurse – who is a trained first aider. Please report any injury or accident to us as we will need to fill in an accident form. Everyone’s safety is paramount.
  • All Members must be signed in and out of Camp by an adult each/every time you leave or return (there will be a book to sign in the canteen).
  • Permission must be sought from the parents of another child being taken out of Camp for any reason.
  • Please ensure you wash your hands before every meal and after handing your pony.
  • You must sleep where you are meant to – this is important in case of emergency.

            Horses & Ponies

  • Stablingis provided & included in the price; bedding is not. Straw can be provided for £12 & shavings for £17 sufficient for the duration of camp.
  • Please ensure your ponies are fit enough – ie riding 3x per week an hour each time by June/July.
  • There will not be a farrier in attendance – please make sure that your horse/pony is well shod/trimmed 
before camp. We will have an emergency farrier on call.               
  • Studs are safest for cross country and dressage on grass if the ground is hard OR wet to prevent 
slipping – please discuss having stud holes in hind shoes or all round with your farrier/instructor.


Vaccinations for Flu and Tetanus 

  • Please remember to bring your pony’s passport to camp and to send a photocopy of the complete vaccination record with your application.
  • It is essential that every pony has received at least the first 2 injections out of the course of 3 before it 
arrives in Camp. There is NO leeway on this as it is a requirement of Lincomb Equestrian and The Pony 
 The first two are given a minimum of 21 days apart – The second must be given a minimum of 7 days before arrival at Lincomb.
  • Please have your own vet’s telephone number and details clearly written on a label on the back of the passport in case of an emergency.



  • All ponies are fed at the same time morning and evening. It is important that you bring some hard feed as ponies get rather upset if they are the only one not getting fed! If you do not normally feed hard feed, then a small amount of chaff will suffice. Please bring your own hard feed, bagged and labelled


  • Please ensure you are dressed smartly in correct riding attire all week, including your competition clothes (best hung in a bag to keep clean!) 
Pony Club branch polos & long sleeved tops are preferable for every day wear with dark coloured or beige plain jodhpurs. Plain navy polos & navy sweatshirts are also acceptable.
  • Check your tack beforehand – check stitching on leathers is secure and irons are wide enough (2cm wider than boots). The same rules apply at camp as at Pony club competitions.
  • Members will be told which group or ‘ride’ they are in when they arrive together with their instructor. We take into account several factors, including ability, pony and age.
  • Please be aware that you may not be with your friends, however, there will be plenty of other time to spend together. The aim of the week is to learn, be safe and have fun.
  • You will be asked to remove all jewellery. Please DO NOT have your ears pierced just before camp.



  • Parents are very welcome at Camp – please let us know you are coming, there is lots to help with!
Please note, all parent volunteers must complete a short safeguarding course & have a valid DBS certificate – NHHPC can help with both these simple procedures – Please contact Susie Gibbs
  • You may watch your children ride, but please watch from a reasonable distance and don’t chip in from 
the sidelines. This can be unhelpful & uncomfortable for both the Instructor and child. 
 If you feel you need to speak to the Instructor, please have a quiet word at the end of the session.
  • A photographer will be in camp. If you have any objections to your child being photographed please 
inform us.
  • Siblings are welcome to accompany helping parents into Camp but it is essential that they are 
supervised at all times. We cannot take responsibility for them and they must not enter 
the Stable Yard unaccompanied – Everyone’s safety is paramount.
  • Dogs are not permitted at Lincomb Equestrian.
  • If anyone has any problems please let us know now and it will be treated with the strictest of confidence.


For you:


  • To sleep in – tent/trailer or caravan, and blow up or camp beds
  • Sleeping bag, pillows and blanket, pyjamas, torch and teddy! (it can get cold)
  • What to wear during the day:
    • Pony Club sweatshirt and Pony Club polo shirt
    • long sleeved shirt/XC top
    • Cream, beige or dark plain jodhpurs
    • jodhpur boots and chaps or long boots
    • gloves and hairnet, crop if used
    • Medical Armband and Body protector (Level 3 2009 – please see PC website for standards)
    • Aqua tagged riding hat – Tagging can be carried out by the DC before riding commences at Camp (for current safety regs, please see Pony Club website)
    • Smart tweed jacket, clean shirt, Pony Club tie and badge and cream/beige jods for competitions.
  • Spare set of riding clothes in case of wet weather
  • Trainers for games, cricket or rounders
  • Waterproofs, wellies and overalls/warm clothing for mucking out in the morning
  • Evening clothes/’rough kit’
  • Sun cream, sun hat
  • Pony Club file, Pony Club manual, pen, pencil and notepad
  • Towel, toiletries, hairbrush/bands and toothbrush!

For Your Pony:


  • Usual set of tack – saddle, bridle and neck-strap (include 2 numnahs in case 1 gets wet)
  • Boots if used
  • Sweat rug
  • Hard Feed – bagged and named  – ALL PONIES need something to have at feed time please – even if just chaff & a carrot!
  • Hay / Haylage – 2 small bales of good horse hay or equivalent
  • 2 x Water Bucket
  • 2 x Haynet
  • 2 x Feed buckets
  • Headcollar and Lead Rope
  • Grooming Kit including fly repellent and plaiting equipment
  • Washing off kit – sponge, sweat scraper, water brush
  • Tack Cleaning Kit, boot polish for super smart riding boots!
  • Mucking out fork, shovel, brush, wheelbarrow or muck sack.
  • Equine Passport


ALL Clearly Named Please

  • small, very cheap keyring tags are brilliant for naming tack, head collars and lots of other things, or sewn on fabric name tapes.
  • Permanent pens can be used for labels on hats/body protectors etc
  • Un-named things fill lost property and will eventually be sold in aid of our Branch.


Please keep the Tack Room, Stable Yard and your Camping Area clean and tidy, and put your things away. Not only will this help you retain your kit, but keep it clean and dry for when you need