Wednesday September 27, 2023
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The Great Pony Club Hacking Challenge

The Great Pony Club hacking challenge is a recent initiative started in 2021.It is an opportunity for members to ride out of the arena and explore new areas of the countryside and local environment. 

Members who wish to take part, are asked to record their rides and to record the distances they travel in miles or kilometres. This is to be recorded on a Pony Club Rides tracker. 

From the date of entry members have 12 calendar months to complete as many rides and as greater distance as possible prior to submitting their tracker sheets online. 

All rides outside of an arena count towards this – doesn’t have to be an organised ride or anything special. If you go half a mile down the road and back every day it’ll only take you 100 days to hit the 3rd level!

£5 to register and very easy to take part. Download a form to your computer, fill it in as you go, then simply upload onto the site every time you hit a milestone. You can also send in photos of yourselves that will get shared in online recognition.