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Autumn Rallies and Training Update

Some rallies have already gone out on EntryMaster, but here is the list of planned rallies so far.  These are either available to book now or will be available to book shortly.  More dates will be notified as they are confirmed.
The delay getting rallies out to you has been due to getting enough people to organise these rallies.  We are still short of rally organisers for the Halloween Rally and the grids and poles rally!  But we are advertising them in the hope that someone comes forward.
If we are to offer a full programme of rallies, we need more parents to offer to run a rally?  Please come forward otherwise we will have to offer a restricted number of rallies.
14 Grassroots (80cm)and 90cm plus Show jumping training – Dassett
14 Dragonflies dressage (5 yrs plus off lead rein) – Ryton
15 Ladybirds jumping (3 & 4 yrs)- Snowford
17 Badge Rally – Perfect Paddock (8 years plus) – Snowford
22 Leapfrogs jumping (5 yrs plus, poles to 50cm) – Ryton
29 Grasshoppers Jumping (55 to 75cm) – Compton Verney
30 Mini Road Rider Badge Rally – Offchurch
31 Halloween Rally (10 and under)- Moreton Morrell
31 Grids and poles with Anne Grindal(70cm plus)- Moreton Morrell
2 Mounted Games and Polocrosse – Moreton Morrell
3 Dressage Training (10 years plus) – Swallowfields
3 Badge Rally – Human First aid (10 years plus) – Stoneleigh Village Hall
12 Dragonflies dressage (5yrs plus off lead rein) – Ryton
16 Badge rally – Lorinery (11 years plus) – Snowford
1Leapfrogs jumping (5 yrs plus, poles to 50cm) – Ryton
18 Grassroots and 90cm plus Show jumping training – venue TBC
26 Ladybirds jumping (3 & 4 yrs)- Snowford
26 Grasshoppers Jumping (55 to 75cm) TBC
Leapfrogs jumping (5 yrs plus, poles to 50cm) – Ryton
Dragonflies dressage (5yrs plus off lead rein) – Ryton
9 or 16 TBC Grassroots and 90cm plus Show jumping training – venue TBC
12 Badge rally – Rider Nutrition (11 years plus) – Snowford
17 Ladybirds jumping (3 & 4 yrs)- Snowford
29 Christmas Fun Rally – Moreton Morrell
5 Show Jumping rally with Sally Baker – Solihull RC
Leapfrogs jumping (5 yrs plus, poles to 50cm) – Ryton

Rallies and Training Update


We have had a couple of teething problems with the new entry system but on the whole it has been met with a thumbs up from those parents who have used it.
Just a few pointers.  
  • Find time to set yourself up as a user, as this will mean not having to enter details everytime you book on.  The autofill will work and should make your life easier in the long run if you take time when you first book in.
  • If you have signed up as a user you will be able to go back in and view all the bookings you have made, so hopefully you can keep track of all your bookings.  If you don’t sign up as a user then this information isn’t available.
  • You can book on multiple events at one time by using the tab/button which says “CLICK HERE FOR MORE EVENTS”  So no need to book each event on a separate booking.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when you make a booking/s.  If an entry is amended/cancelled at a future point in time and the original entry was made alongside other events you will receive another email confirming that change.  i.e. the new confirmation email will just show the remaining entries which are still live on that booking or the revised booking date if the entry has been transferred to another event.
Please keep looking at the website for new dates going on.  Half term rallies are all on there so don’t miss the closing dates.
New dates not previously published:
19th February – Show jumping Training 80cm and above – Marslands
20th February – on foot Polocrosse – Moreton Morrell – all levels
18th March – Dressage Training – Claverdon 
We aim to have some Easter rally dates available by the end of February. 
Do we have any keen quizzers out there?
The Area 7 qualifier for the National Quiz is due to be held on Sunday 5th March at Weston Lawns. Schedule attached.  The final, should you qualify, is on 23rd April and will be held online. 
It would be really good to have some teams represented in this competition.  
Why not get together with friends to form a team?  
Vix Borland has kindly agreed to coordinate the teams and entries. Please register your interest via the new booking system on the website by Wednesday 22nd February at the latest so that she has a chance to put teams together before the closing date for entries on 24th February.

Heythrop Hunt Mini Eventer challenge series on 1st April

Now open on Horse-events here for the first of our Mini Eventer challenge series on 1st April.  Please circulate and encourage your younger members to enter, it’s a great fun event.  The series is designed to give members with little or no cross country experience some practice, with jumps starting at 30cms with lead rein/assisted classes going up to 50cms.  The 50cms class will be split for A – 10yrs  & under and B – 11yrs – 14yrs. 
Other dates in the series are Sunday 3rd June, Saturday 8th July and Sunday 13th August.  The Championships are on Sunday 17th September.
We very much look forward to welcoming your young members.