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Rallies and Training:

Rallies serve as communal lessons encompassing the full spectrum of riding and pony care across all skill levels. The fee for each rally accounts for the instructional services and facility use specific to that session.

Through collective lessons led by accredited coaches, Pony Club members gain access to premier education at affordable rates. Training focuses on specialised sports whilst rallies cover a broader spectrum of equestrianism. These range from themed fun rallies for our younger members to more specialised rallies, such as galloping or gridwork, for our older members.

Beyond the educational benefits, rallies stand out as vibrant social gatherings, fostering enduring connections among young enthusiasts with shared interests. These events welcome participants of every age and skill level, except in cases where specific prerequisites are noted.


At a Pony Club Camp, attendees are not only instructed in practical riding skills across disciplines such as show jumping, dressage, and cross-country, but they also receive invaluable lessons in horse care, stable management, and the principles of good horsemanship. This holistic approach ensures that riders leave with a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to care for and work with horses effectively. Beyond the educational aspects, these camps are designed to be fun and engaging, promoting a sense of community, teamwork, and independence among attendees. Social activities, games, and team competitions pepper the schedule, allowing friendships to flourish and providing memories that last a lifetime. For many, Pony Club Camp is more than just an event; it’s a cherished experience that embodies the joy, discipline, and camaraderie of equestrian sport.


The Pony Club distinguishes itself as the most diverse equestrian organization available, offering an unmatched array of nine different sports for its members to explore and enjoy. From the elegant and precise discipline of Dressage, to the exhilarating Mounted Games, there’s something for every equestrian enthusiast. The organization also provides opportunities to engage in the comprehensive challenge of Eventing, and for those seeking teamwork and strategy, sports like Polocrosse and Polo offer high-energy team competitions. Furthermore, Pony Club members can experience the excitement of Pony Racing, mirroring the intensity of horse racing on a smaller scale, or take on the traditional discipline of Show Jumping, navigating courses to clear fences swiftly without fault. Additionally, the Pony Club introduces members to the versatility of Tetrathlon, a variant of the Modern Pentathlon that tests athletes across riding, running, swimming, and shooting, proving that the Pony Club is a gateway to discovering one’s passion within the vast world of equestrian sports.

Tests and Test Training:

North Warwickshire Pony Club (NWPC) offers a broad ranging and diverse program of Training and Testing.

Non Ridden

Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care:

This is a non-ridden team competition where the competitors are asked to demonstrate their knowledge and practical horsemanship skills. The questions are based around the Pony Club Tests and are spread over a number of rounds. The competition is held at Area level where branch teams compete to qualify for the National Pony Club Championships in August.
For more information about the Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care competition and to keep up to date on the rules and eligibility please go to The Pony Club Blue Cross site.