NWPC Merchandise


This can be purchased on line, go to



The range of clothing includes the following :

  • Hoodies – navy / red
  • Joggers – navy
  • Base Layers – navy
  • Silks – red (for cross country and event teams)
  • Short sleeve polo shirts – navy
  • Soft shell fitted jackets – navy
  • Shower proof jackets (for younger members) – navy
  • Saddlecloths – navy (xc, sj & rallirs) / white (dressage & rallies) / dressage squares
  • Dover Jackets ( for older members)
  • Beanie hats

All clothing will have the PC badge and NWPC printed or embroidered. All the merchandise can be personalised  this can be specified when you place an order, delivery is free.


Official Pony Club chaps and gaiters are available from http://www.justchaps.com


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