Test and Training

Winter training dates for 2022/23 are here Test training Winter rides 2022-23

Training takes place throughout the year for all ages. NWPC has produced a guide here explain the levels and training. NWPC tests and training guide2017

If your child is interested in the PC efficiency tests please drop Barbara an email or catch her at a rally to discuss this. Full details of the efficiency scheme can be found on both the NWPC and PCUK web sites.
  “I’ve had the best day ever, I’ve met some lovely friends and can’t wait for my next rally”. Lila-Mai Burden



Lila-Mai with her D standard certificate and yellow felt.
If you would like to be kept informed of Branch training, please keep in touch with the Training co-ordinators: 
Above B

Barbara Milburn 07773 273511   barbaramilb@btinternet.com

B and C+ 

Ellen Gillard 07812583202, ellenlangford1@hotmail.com


Laura Mardell 07733 361145 lauramardell@gmail.com 


Amy Barker 07599 858212 Amy.barker2@hotmail.co.uk

Pre D

Anna Chapman 07738592246   printwoodhouse@hotmail.com 

Riding and Road Safety Dawn Ogilvie-Wilson 07903 548982 dawnogilviewilson@gmail.com
Road safety is a very important aspect of all members training and members are asked to undertake 3 levels of road safety assessments. Road Rider mini achievement badge must be gained before you can take your D test and there is a minimum age of 7 years for taking the mini badge.

Road Rider achievement badge must be gained before you can take your C test and there is a minimum requirement of D+ test before taking your RR badge.  There may be some exceptions to this for new members 12 years and over.

Road Rider Test  is now voluntary but we recommend that members aim to achieve this test after they have passed their C Test.  There is a minimum age of 12 years for taking the Road Rider test.

The Pony Club Hunting Certificate – 

Hunting Certificate Requirements:

1.    You are required to attend, as a minimum, a children’s meet during the season of either the Warwickshire or Worcestershire Hunt.  As proof of you attendance at one of the children’s meets you should get the attached form signed by a hunt official.
2.    Find the answers to all of the questions on the sheet, Hunting Questions, by whatever means you wish.  Ask questions whilst out hunting, use the internet or speak to other people who may be able to help you.
3.    Send the answers together with the signed form to …TBC

Please remember that when attending a meet members should always be correctly turned out in Pony Club attire. Any questions please contact Mary Pritchard, 01926 632391, frankton.grounds@tiscali.co.uk 











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