Friday August 12, 2022
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The current Pony Club Endurance rules can be found here.


Endurance Riding is a unique competitive challenge and a supreme sport for learning about equine fitness and building a partnership with your horse.

You, the rider, learn more about the way your horse functions, and the importance of regulating your riding to suit conditions which will affect the way your horse performs.


Rides are of varying distance from entry level rides of around 12km -25kms, to intermediate rides of 26km -35km, and open rides of 36km and above.  Top competitive international endurance riders may travel 120kms in a day, at speeds of around 20km/hour (the ultimate endurance rides are ‘races’ over a long distance) but at Pony Club level it is more a competition for you and your pony to improve on your past performance.  Riding at speeds above 8km/hour you will get to ride over countryside you may not often be able to ride over, and be responsible for following a map and the markers on the route and aiming to bring your pony in at the finish as fit and ready to continue as you can.


OS&B’s Grassroots Endurance team at the National Championships in 2017

Please contact Suzie Vickery if you want to do Endurance riding. Suzie will be starting endurance training rides in February 2018, please let her know if you are interested. Minimum age 8, but must be confident riding at all paces in a group, off the lead rein.

Rules for Endurance can be found on the main Pony Club website here.

Pony Club endurance has an emphasis on enjoying you pony and learning about how to care for him and the countryside. Pony Club have split endurance into levels so whether you are trying endurance for the first time or are a more experienced endurance rider there will be a level suitable for you to participate in.  (The stages are a suggested progression and Members may jump levels and/or combine them as their skill and enthusiasm dictates.)

Full details of all rides and the various distances that can be ridden can be found on the Endurance GB South East website

Rides are organised by EGB and the Pony club – you can use any EGB, hunt, charity or other ride to count towards mileage and if you want to get your required rides to take part in the Area qualifier, but the pony’s heart rate must be taken before and after the ride by an approved person if it is to be recorded and count for PC purposes.  All EGB rides will have such a person available, other rides may need you to make sure someone is in place for this.