Tuesday September 28, 2021
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Members of this branch are welcome to come out hunting with The Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt. The person to contact is Simonette Russel.

Dress: please wear correct rally dress, with the addition of a tweed hacking jacket. You should look clean and tidy and your pony should be plaited. Numnahs should be plain, dark without a logo. It is sensible to wear a back protector.

You are welcome to attend the Children’s Meets which will be advertised on our calendar. Please contact Simonette Russel to let her know you wish to attend.


Cost: Pony Club Members may attend up to three Meets a Season, paying just £15 cap on the day. If you want to hunt more than this then your parents need to pay an annual subscription to the hunt of £55, in addition to the cap. They will need to contact Mrs Sandra Gronow, the Hon. Sec., to organise this.

It is important that you never just turn up to a Meet, even if you know there is one being held near you. You should always ask Simonette Russel if you may come out hunting alone as she will need to organise for you to have an adult escort. If your parents, or another adult subscriber, is willing to look after you then they can make the suitable arrangements. Some Meets are not suitable for children.

You can also come on your feet to support the Hunt. It is a good spectacle, and you will learn a lot from watching, and following on foot before you come out on your pony.