Friday August 12, 2022
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Musical Ride

This is held at the Pony Club Championships and is a fun event that any Pony Club member can take part in. The OS&B have competed in 2012 & 2013, coming 6th and 4th.


  • The ride should contain between 8 and 12 riders.
  • Dress – correct head and footwear. (Costume optional)
  • Tack – any normal tack & riding bit is permitted.
  • The Arena will be 20m x 60m.
  • The duration of the display within the Arena should be no longer than 5 minutes (an additional one and a half minutes is allowed for entry and exit, music is permitted for this).
  • Outside assistance – voice, bell, whistle etc is not permitted.
  • Entry fee £40.
  • Entries are restricted to 20 teams on a first come first served basis.

The object of the competition is to provide an entertaining spectacle for both competitors and spectators and will be marked as follows:

Content Of Ride   60

Variety and change of pace
Choreography (incl. costumes)
Riding skills and team compatibility

Choice Of Music   20

Suitability, interpretation and entertainment value

Overall Artistic Impression   20

The whole presentation, idea and display

There will be a tack check for the team at the collecting ring before they enter the arena. This mark will contribute to the overall team score.
Please note: There should be no physical props within the arena for example, a small jump

In the event of a tie, the ride with the higher artistic marks shall take the higher placing.
There will be a special prize to the Branch or Centre with the best costumes.