Friday August 12, 2022
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Senior girls team at Bisley Pony Club Tetrathlon April 2021

Tetrathlon is a team or individual competition with four phases for boys and girls. Riding, shooting, swimming and running. This is split into age groups with the disciplines being altered to suit ages. They are challenging but great fun for the children and you do not have to be ‘great’ at all disciplines as the point scoring is fair and reflects strengths and weaknesses, but it is the overall total of points that is used for placings.

We currently run shooting and swimming training and cross country practice, everyone welcome. We are blessed with great coaches that have been previous Tet competitors and some have represented GB!

Competition phases

Riding Phase

Cross country riding at superb courses over several fences. Sometimes with opening/shutting gate mounted and dismounting and negotiating a slip rail included. There is ‘positive scoring’, so the competitor is rewarded for the number of obstacles they successfully negotiate. “Beanies” ride in an enclosed area over a shortened course of show jumps. If the height of the cross country jumps is too great for an individual’s current ability, there is the option of ‘jumping down’ which means you can jump a course at a lower height, but take penalty in points for doing so.

Shooting phase 

Shooting with air pistols at static or turning targets (depending on age group).

Swimming phase 

Swimming as far as each competitor can swim for a set time (between 2 and 3 minutes).

Running phase 

Running over a distance of 500m to 3000m depending on age group.  


Age groups

For all groups except ‘Tadpoles’, boys and girls are split into separate classes. Age restrictions are as of 1st January in the year competing.


Mixed genders, aged 8 years and under. They are not allowed to shoot but substitute it with bean bag throwing. Jumping up to 40cm and can be assisted.


Competitors aged under 10. Jumping up to 60cm.


Competitors aged under 12. Jumping up to 80cm.


Competitors aged under 15. Jumping up to 90cm.


Competitors aged under 21. Jumping up to 1m.


If you think you may be interested in further details of training or in competing at future events please contact Melissa Beatty, Tetrathlon Manager.

It would be great to have more teams, the children make great friends and have a good fun at events together. 

The current Pony Club Tetrathlon rules can be found here.