Petersfield Cancellation Policy

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Most of our PC activities – MAD’s, discipline specific rallies, Clinics, Camps etc either just break even or make a small loss.  We are able to subsidise this through the profit making events we work hard to run each year, such as our competitions.

As venue hire becomes more and more expensive it is harder to break even and all of our MAD’s over the winter have made significant losses.

Last minute cancellations are an increasing problem which then further affects profitability. Organisers end up feeling as though they ought to give a refund if there is a good reason for last minute cancellation.

Cancellation Policy

For the sake of clarity from 01 January 2024 our cancellation and refund policy will be as follows:

For MAD’s, Rallies and Trainings

Any cancellations made, for any reason, after the times have been published or 48 hours before the event (whichever is earlier) will not receive refunds.

Bookings that have been made and not paid for will have to be paid for if they are cancelled last minute, as described above.

For Camps and Clinics

The initial deposit payment can only be refunded following cancellation if the place can be filled by another member.

Cancellations made in the final month leading up to camps/clinics, when full payment has been made, cannot be refunded unless the place can be filled.  The organiser may offer a partial refund, at their discretion, based on the elements of cost that have not already been committed at this point (this will vary from venue to venue).

All Rallies and Events

If a rally or event is cancelled by the organisers a proportion of the entry fee may be withheld for administration purposes.

For Team/individual Competitions

Once entry has been agreed with the PPC entries organiser for the discipline the money for that entry becomes due.

Refunds cannot be made unless the Entries Secretary of the show agrees based on the rules of that show.