Friday February 23, 2024
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All our rally bookings on made via the Club Entries system. Payment is taken at time of booking, via Paypal. 

Any questions on the booking system, please email


Please note the following:

  • PLEASE make a careful record of the bookings you make. 
  • for Junior Camp, if your child is over 5 and on the lead rein, then please contact Sophie so she can make sure they are put in the right ride for them.  
  • for camp bookings please send your vaccination record and identity page of your pony’s passport to and read the vaccinations page on the website.
  • you need to be a current member to enter any of the activities listed as “members only”.  Taster sessions can be booked for any session marked “Open to all”.  Please contact Jenny Snell for details on membership and taster sessions.
  • for every session there is a note on the Club entries page “schedule unavailable”. Please ignore this.  This option is only relevant for competitions, not rallies. 

If you book after the closing date, you will only be able to enter the Waiting List (at no charge).  If you are on the Waiting List, you will be allocated a place at the rally or activity if a member of similar ability withdraws, and you will be asked to pay for it then. You can enter the Waiting List through the online booking system.

No refunds after closing dates.

No refunds on rallies £16 and under at any time. 

Rally groupings ...

It is extremely hard for the Rally secretary to make sure that riders are put in the right groups at every rally.

Sometimes it is easy, all works out with no problem and everyone is happy. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to arrange the groupings well and there might be a bit of grumbling. This is just the way it goes, we cannot get it right every time, and please bear with us if we have not got it right.

If you don't mind we will contact you if we feel that there is no way of successfully placing a Member in an appropriate ride and either offer a private session (at extra cost) or a smaller group (at extra cost) or even suggest that it may be best to wait for a different rally. This is to avoid a child having a disappointing time. Remember this only will happen if we feel there is a mis match between your child and the rides and who else has entered. This could be if your child's ability is greater than the others booked into the ride. Any comments or suggestions are welcome but please bear in mind that the task of rally groupings is a very hard one and any grouping is always done with the best of intentions!
“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

For all Pony Club parents and Members... please note...

By entering any rally, online or by post, you agree to comply with the following.

1. All children and ponies/horses I bring to any rally or PC activity will be supervised at all times by me or a responsible adult appointed by myself.
2. I will provide an extra adult to supervise non riding children if I am leading a pony.
3. I agree to provide help when and where needed at the rallies attended.
4. I will take home all droppings, hay and litter from around my vehicle and surrounding area. I will leave the venue tidy and will check the area around my vehicle before I leave.
5. I understand and agree that entry fees will not be refunded after the closing date unless a child of a similar ability takes up our place.

One more thing! We are always guests of the venues we attend, even if we have paid to be there. Parents and members are urged to show courtesy and gratitude to their hosts and instructors (whether they feel like it or not!).

And finally …

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Delville-Jones, the rally secretary.