Saturday February 24, 2024
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There seems to be confusion over the requirements for Riding & Road Safety tests and training.  It seems that lots of parents thought their children had already done “the” test, but didn’t realise that there are different tests for different levels.  Another confusion is that members may have received training at a camp or rally, so may think they have “done”  the test, but may not have actually done so!

There are THREE different stages.

1.  The Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge (taken around the D/E Test stage).

2.  The Pony Club Road Rider Achievement Badge  (taken around the D+/C Test stage)

3.  BEFORE the C+ Test you need the Road Rider Test.  There is lots of information about this on the main Pony Club website, accessible through the link below.

Road Rider Test

Hope this makes it a bit clearer!