Saturday February 24, 2024
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Being part of a Pony Club team is a great opportunity to make new friends, enjoy the buzz of being in a team and compete at different venues around Area 8.

Many of our members have represented us in eventing, show jumping and dressage.  There is a degree of commitment both in time and cost, but the rewards are huge and it is not just about winning!  Our teams are the representatives of Puckeridge Hunt Pony Club and we expect a high standard of turnout.

To be eligible for Championship qualifying competitions, existing Pony Club members must renew their membership before the 31 January of the current year and new Pony Club members must join before the 1 March of the current year.  If you have been a member of another Pony Club for more than twelve months and have since transferred over from one branch to another for any other reason than a change of address you will be unable to take part in Championship qualifying competitions for fourteen months from the date of transfer.  These rules apply to all Pony Club branches.  For further details of eligibility rules please visit The Pony Club website (Parents Information / Rules of The Pony Club)

It is important to note that teams are only picked from those that put themselves forward for each individual event that they express an interest in and are able to attend.  To be considered for a team you must be prepared to attend any training sessions we may provide and submit your training session or competition entry money, if required, to the team trainer, when requested.  Failure to do this on time will result in your place being offered to another member.  You must provide or arrange your own transport to events.

You must be a current Pony Club member and have attended at least three Pony Club mounted rallies, prior to attending any competition.

Unless there is a genuine and justifiable reason, last minute cancellations by team members will be looked on unfavourably by our team coaches, particularly if you want to be considered for other teams.

Attendance of team training is not a guarantee of a team place.  Team places will be confirmed by the team coach and their decision is final.

If larger numbers of members put themselves forward, we may consider sending more than one team, if the competition rules allow this.  If an individual is keen to compete they can sometimes take part on their own or occasionally the competition organisers might team them up with other individual riders from other pony clubs.

Should a team coach or committee member be unavailable to attend an event, a parent or other responsible adult will be nominated as Chef d’Equipe and be the competition organisers’ point of contact on the day of the event.  It is their job to make sure everyone is dressed and tacked up correctly at all times (including when walking courses), warmed up and ready to compete on time and be able to offer guidance or reassurance to the team members, should they need it.  It is not unheard of for organisers to turn away competitors if they are not turned out correctly, ready on time or behaving as is expected.  It is the competitor’s responsibility, or for younger members their parents, to be aware of all dress or tack rules (including bits) in advance of the competition.  All Pony Club discipline rules can be found on The Pony Club website.

We are always delighted to have members representing us.  Being part of a team is a fantastic experience and is something that will always be remembered with pride……just ask any of our past team members!!

If you are interested in being part of a team, please contact:

Heidi Sharp –