Saturday February 24, 2024
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What to wear?



These guidelines to dress apply to rallies and training within our branch.  

When attending inter pony club Area competitions, or the Gosling Cup, there are specific rules which apply.  Area rules can be found on the main Pony Club website, and there are separate rules for each Area competition.   If you are interested in the rules for the Gosling Cup, then please contact your Age Representative.



General requirement is for:

Dark hat cover (and hairnet for girls), LONG or SHORT sleeved white shirt, pony club tie with pin, navy PC sweatshirt, dark gloves, beige jodhpurs or breeches, whip if needed.

Plain black or brown half chaps worn with standard riding or jodhpur boots of the same colour are allowed.  Tassels are not allowed. Standard riding boots or jodhpur boots must have a smooth, fairly thin sole, and a well defined square cut heel.  No other footwear will be allowed.

Clean tack & pony, plain black, white or brown numnah, no plaits. No bling! 



If it is very cold or wet, members may wear their red PC jackets over their navy PC sweatshirts or white shirts.

For cross country rallies, please wear navy sweatshirts (red coats if wet) and dark hat covers. A long white sleeved white shirt is recommended under your sweatshirt in case you get hot but short sleeved shirts are permitted.

Peakless hats and body protectors are compulsory for cross country and are highly recommended for Show Jumping. 

Spurs and back protectors

Spurs are permitted if you have passed your B Test or if the DC has signed a members’s official membership card giving permission.  If you don’t yet have permission, bring spurs to the rally and ask the instructor who will advise.

Back protectors are compulsory for cross country and are highly recommended for show jumping.

Hats must be to the current safety standard and each member must have their hat tagged by the DC which means she will put an official PC hat sticker on the strap.  If you have a new hat, bring it to your next rally and ask for it to be tagged (the required hat standard can be found on the main PC website


Stable Management and C+ training

Unmounted training:  Please come looking neat and tidy, wearing your pony club sweatshirt and sturdy footwear, suitable for working around horses.  Jeans are acceptable.  There is no need for a tie or collared white shirt, nor jodhpurs.

Mounted training: please be correctly turned out in shirt, jacket & tie. 



Dress for riders as for rallies above but tweed jackets must be worn (over a shirt and tie) on which you must pin your PC badge (with any test felt awarded – see Ages & Stages).

When attending a competition representing the Pony Club, you are expected to show a high standard of turnout which includes plaiting your pony.  In an ideal world, your pony would have  pulled or plaited tail.  But if you have any questions, please ask the DC or your Rep.

In the summer, prior to the Gosling Cup, there will be sessions at which turnout will be explained rather more fully than you would ever wished to have known.