Saturday September 23, 2023
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Hunting with Quorn Hunt


All QHPC members are welcome to go Autumn Hunting with the Quorn Hunt at a cost of £10. Anyone wanting details of meets etc, please send mobile number to Sue Henton, who will ensure that you receive details of future dates and venues. The Quorn Hunt also plan some fun rides on Saturdays and other days – details of these will be made available.

Autumn Hunting

As from 1 October to the Opening Meet the caps will be 5 years and under £5, 6-15 years £10, 16-21 years £20.


The price per day for Pony Club members is 5 years & under £5, 6-10 years £15, 11–15 years £20, 16–18 years £40, 19-25 years – 50% discount on adult rates.

Important points to remember when hunting are:

  • 16 years and under must be accompanied by an adult
  • On arrival at the meet go and say “Good morning” to the Masters, Huntsman and Whipper-In. Find the Secretary and pay him
  • Please do not let your parents unbox in villages. Please unbox off the road on the same side as other boxes. A short hack to the meet will settle your pony. Do not ride on mown grass verges. Do not ride on any sown crops
  • Be ready to jump off your pony to open and close gates without being asked. Also pass on ‘Gate Please’ so that others behind hear the message
  • Always face your pony towards the hounds
  • If your pony should stop in front of a jump get out of the way as quickly as possible and go to the back of the queue. Do not have another go and stop again
  • Always say a big “Thank you” to anyone holding open a gate. This could be the farmer or landowner and without their kindness of allowing the Hunt across their land there would be no hunting
  • If possible, thank the Master and Huntsman at the end of the day
  • Please respect other riders, who will be paying a larger subscription to hunt with the Quorn Hunt

Dress code

  • Please remember to look very smart, be clean and tidy.
  • Tweed jackets preferable, Pony Club Tie & Badge, gloves, hair tidily in a hairnet, no jewellery, no bling whatsoever.
  • Black, brown or sheepskin numnah (not saddle cloth).
  • Brushing boots only if absolutely necessary, mud and thorns can lodge inside the boots causing pain to your pony.
  • Medical armbands MUST be worn on the arm

Hunting Certificate

Any QHPC member who hunts, should do their Hunting Certificate so that they have a sound knowledge of hunting, and should also be prepared to help out at hunt functions (e.g. at the Point to Point). We will organise training for the Hunting Certificate. It is important that you know how hunting works, and very important that you know how you and your pony should behave in the hunting field. Members who achieve the Hunting Certificate will be awarded the Pony Club hunting badge to wear on their jacket.