Wednesday February 26, 2020
Quorn Hunt Pony Club President           Kim Turner

QHPC Committee:

District Commissioner

Sue Henton   07813 846883

Assistant DC

Liz Murfitt    07976 812677

 Secretary, Membership & Health & Safety

Carol Davis  01664 813186



Please contact Sue Henton (DC)
Chief Instructor

Natalie Barsby 07816 262324

Assistant C I

Amy Burbage   07736 311849


Sarah Freeman    07780 491147

Additional committee members

Kat Auckland   Linda Chapman   Robin Graham-Brown         Mandy Tarris

Laura Turner

Tracy Walker

All QHPC members are welcome to approach any of the committee with any questions, concerns, news or ideas.

QHPC Team Training and Rally Organisers:                               

Team Training Organiser    50-70cm and Rally (Brooksby for All)

Nicole Winson   07772 260139

Team Training Organiser    80-90cm

Laura Turner   07443 572041

Team Training Organiser  1m+

Tracy Walker   07966 388739 

Mounted Games

Ruth Perkes   07854 522497


Rachael Pickering      07731 314621

Road Rider

Emma Bramley 07929 300025

D & D+ tests and training and Rally (XC, Arena Eventing)

Amy Burbage   07736 311849

C & C+ tests and training and Rally (All Day, XC, Arena Eventing)

Julie Mann   07752 253772

Rally Organiser (Grids, poles, All Day)

Kat Auckland   07714 125723

Rally Organiser (Dressage)

Linda Chapman 07891 477934

Rally Organiser (Badges and H&P Care)

Rachael Fairbrother   07810 696959

Rally Organiser (LR/JO/Step Up)

Sarah Johnson    01509 843229

Rally Organiser (All Day)

Ruth Perkes   07854 522497

Rally Organiser (Jumping exercises)


currently organised by Chief Instructor