Saturday December 2, 2023
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Dress and Tack information (rallies, training, camps)

Please observe the QHPC dress and tack codes below

For what to wear at Competitions, please see the Competition Hints and Tips page        and/or speak to the DC, Lead Coach or any activity organiser or Team Manager

QHPC kit from:

Dress and Tack – must be clean, tidy and safe

RIDERS – Rallies, Training and Camps

  • Hat which meets PC standards (see lower down page) with dark blue or black (no pom poms)
  • Long sleeved white or blue shirt
  • Pony club tie
  • Tweed, black or navy jacket / QHPC bomber jacket / QHPC sweatshirt (navy or ‘team’ burgundy)
  • No hoods or hoodies
  • Pony club badge and test felt (if applicable) worn on left lapel
  • PLAIN Beige, cream, navy or black jodhpurs / breeches
  • Long or short black or brown standard riding or jodhpur boots with smooth soles and a  well defined square cut heel. Boots with interlocking treads are not permitted, nor are the boots or treads individually
  • Chaps matching boot colour (no tassels or fringes)
  • Long hair must be tied back securely in a safe manner to limit risk of hair being caught. We recommend the use of a hair net
  • No Jewellery except wristwatch, stock pin/tie clip worn horizontally, wedding band (if applicable). It is recommended stock pins are removed for XC
  • Body protector (see lower down page)
  • Makeup should be discreet, if used at all, and nails should be a sensible length

RIDERS – Training and Senior Camp

As above except:

  • QHPC long-sleeved navy (or original burgundy) polo shirt may be worn
  • QHPC XC base layer / skin may be worn

PONIES – Rallies, Training and Camps

  • No ponies under the age of 4 
  • Ponies to be properly groomed and turned out
  • Plain black or brown  tack, including stirrups (no other colours)
  • White, cream or dark coloured girth
  • Plain black or brown numnah/saddlecloth or QHPC navy or burgundy saddlecloth
  • Neck strap compulsory (black or brown)
  • Plain black or brown boots / ear covers

Hat Rules

A riding hat is mandatory. The minimum standard is PAS 015 2011 and SNELL 2016.            (PAS 015 1998 and SNELL 2001 are no longer acceptable).

Hats need to have a pink hat tag

A jockey skull cap (with no fixed peak or peak extensions) is compulsory for Eventing, Tetrathlon and Horse Trials over 80cm (recommended for under 80cm); and Mounted Games and Pony Racing. Black or navy cover (no pom poms).

Hat Rule 2024

Body Protector rules

Important – Body Protectors are required to be worn for cross country, pony racing or endurance (training or competition). From 1 January 2024 the minimum standard is Beta 2018 Level 3 standard (blue and black label). Beta 2009 will no longer be acceptable from 1 January 2024.

Body Protector Rule 2024

Further information on Pony Club Dress and Tack can be found here: