Saturday December 15, 2018
QHPC PC Area and Championship Results

You will find most results and reports under the relevant Sport tab but our Champion successes are reported below

2018 Pony Club Area and Championship News

Land Rover Regional Championships at Keysoe, 8 & 9 September 2018

Well done to our young competitors today, rosettes all round, a great achievement

Saturday – Show Jumping Team – Archie, William, Frankie & Bobby

Results – Team 10th out of 24 teams, William 14th out of 150   

Saturday – Individual Dressage  – William

Result – William 10th

Sunday – Individual Eventing – Katy & Molly


Results from the National Championships at Cholmondeley


Friday 17th – Brooke England 6th in the Novice Dressage

Saturday 18th – India Keates-Robinson, 4th in Open Dressage to Music and 8th in  the Open Dressage

Sunday 19th – Violet Barton 5th in the Intermediate Dressage 

20180819_181615 (2)


Intermediate Dressage Team











SATURDAY 21st July 2018

2018 Area 6 Dressage RESULTS

2018 Area 6 Dressage Open and Open Novice Results     Dressage_2018_Intermediate    Dressage_2018_Novice     Dressage_2018_Regionals





Congratulations to Violet Barton, Katy Arnold and Molly Tarris  who all qualified for Championships. Well done girls.

Report on PC 90



Tetrathlon Championships Success for Quornies! 

A massive well done to Kieran Harby won the open boys class at Tetrathlon Champs, OffChurch, Bury achieving best swim & a gold award for high score! 

He won the senior Regionals at Aylesford and won the triathlon championships back in the spring.

This is an incredible track record to win all 3 events in a year!

Jade, who was 12th in the open girls, got a bronze award, and trophy for youngest competitor in her class. 

Jade and Kieran were also in the Area 6 team, who came 4th (I think it is one of our Area’s best placings, and it was very close, with less than 20 points between the top 4).

Liv Crawley, Elli Haynes, Brooke England our fantastic junior girls team achieved 8th place!

Great day for all!!!

Tet photo 2018


 Tetrathlon & Triathlon Success for Quorn Hunt Pony Club Team Members!!!

A very hot and sunny day didn’t stop our Quorn Hunt Pony Club Tet/Tri team members from achieving great success!! 

Please see full report below from Brooke England.

The Quorn Hunt Pony Club Tetrathlon write up


Tet Members     Tet Girls Team Tri Team July 18

Quorn Hunt Team Members enjoyed success at the Tetrathlon and Triathlon held on the 7th & 8th July 2018!


Quorn Area6 Results


Huge congratulations to our Quiz team, Iola Chapman, Anna Veasey, Libby Perkes & Molly Tarris, who today won the National Quiz Championship at Addington, the first time a branch in Area 6 has won this!!

  20180415_165911 (2)


2017 Pony Club Area and Championship News


Regional Championships

Sophie and Champagne performing their test, and Sophie with her rosette and a very proud DC
Here is a lovely report  from 12 year old Sophie Johnson, who qualified for The Regional Championships at Keysoe and was placed an excellent 7th against much older competitors.

Our Intermediate SJ team finished a respectable 11th, and Molly won the Horsemanship Award, which was a super achievement.

Molly and Lily, our 2 Intermediate Eventers, both did beautiful dressage tests, 31.5 and 31, good SJ rounds, but then had unexpected stops on the XC course, totally out of character, and very disappointing for the girls.


Congratulations to Quorn junior girls team of Ellie Haynes, Jade England, Olivia Crawley and Brooke England placed 7th at the pony club tetrathlon championships.



 Fabulous result for India at Cholmondeley Castle – 5th individually, in the 3rd placed team and the best Junior in the  whole competition – that is the  best Junior in the UK, well done to India




Iola Chapman has had an excellent year, not only did she qualify for the Dressage Championships, but she also qualified for the Endurance Championships. Iola’s report on Endurance is here – Pony Club Endurance


Quorn Tetrathlon and Area 6 & 8 Results – 30 and 31 July 2017

Well done to all those that competed, all good day was had by all!

Congratulations to Kieran, Jade, Brooke, Olivia and Ellie who all qualified

for the Tetrathlon Championships in August, Good Luck everyone.

Tetrathlon Championship qualifiers Aug 17

Tetrathlon Championship qualifiers Aug 17 pic 2Tetrathlon Championship qualifiers Aug 17 pic 3

QHPC Branch Triathlon Results_2017

QHPC Branch Tetrathlon Results_2017

Area 8 Tetrathlon Results_2017

Area 6 Tetrathlon Results_2017


Report on Area Eventing – 15/16 July 2017

Congratulations to Ed Beeston and Lily Walker on their qualifying successes

2017 Area Eventing Report



Open Results      Inter Results       Novice Results       Regionals Results

Report on Area Dressage

Congratulation to Iola Chapman, India Keates-Robinson and Sophie Johnson, who all qualified for Championships. Full details in report

2017 Area Dressage Report


Area Show Jumping 25 June 2017

Congratulations to the QHPC Intermediate SJ team who have qualified for the National Championships in August

Intermediate team

Well done to Hannah, Shannon, Lily & Connie


Congratulations to Kieran Harby for coming 1st at the National Triathlon Championships  

Well done to our other competitors, William Mann and Molly Tarris


2016 Pony Club Area & Championship news

Great performances by our members at Bishop Burton (Tetrathlon Championships) and Cholmondley (National Championships)

Kieran Harby produced a fantastic performance to finish a close 2nd in the Senior Boys competition at Bishop Burton against some very tough opposition, and the Junior Girls team all performed well. See report

Championship report

20160821_180959 (2)

Molly with her Championship rosette




At Cholmondley, our Intermediate Dressage team rode excellent tests against opposition from all over the country, with Molly Brown achieving a wonderful 6th place rosette.

Alix Davis entered the Dressage to Music Open Competition (the biggest entry of the day and a very high standard) and Lizzie Best entered the Dressage to Music Intermediate Competition coming 8th.


Great news from Area Dressage – Sunday 3 July

The QHPC Intermediate dressage team, Violet Barton, Lizzie Best, Molly Brown & India Keates-Robinson, won their class at Thoresby Park today, with Molly placed 1st individually in her arena. In the Novice class, Lauren Ulyett won her arena.  

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GIRLS, who have worked really hard to achieve a brilliant standard – you can see from the photo below how happy they were with their success – a trip to the Pony Club National Championships at Cholmondley Castle on 21 August.



2015 Area and Championships QHPC Summary

Triathlon Brooke England qualified for the National Triathlon Championships, minimus class, and finished 10/51

Area Mounted Games – 31 May at Newark Showground. Team –Ellie Crabtree, Iola Chapman, Annie Frew, Ellie King. 2nd in TO, 4th in competition

Area Tetrathlon 4/5 July Victoria Sercombe qualified in Open Girls class, Jade England qualified in the Junior Girls class

Area Eventing 25/26 July @ Buckminster – Intermediate team – Rose Murfitt, Lizzie Best, Eva Carrier, Lily Sturmey. Rose 4th, Eva 3rd. 2 Novice teams, Emily Wilkins, Violet Barton, Hannah Spray, Lily Walker, Hannah 3rd, Georgia Holt, Lily Packe-Drury-Lowe, Katie Wilkins, Molly Brown, Molly 4th, and 1 novice individual, Ellen Machin

Area Show Jumping 1 August @ Derby College EC– Intermediate Joy Rushton, Novice 2 teams, Harriet Reading, Lily Walker, Hannah Spray, Molly Brown, team finished on zero and after jump off were 2nd and qualified for champs, plus won BTO, & Violet Barton, Aimee Asher, Connie Walker, Mary Neale, team 4th. Hannah was placed 1st in whole novice competition. Under 13s, Amy and Eve Baxter, Amy 3rd, TO 2nd

Area Dressage 4 August @ Thoresby Park, Intermediate team Molly Brown, Lizzie Best, Alix Davis, India Keates-Robinson, Molly 6th, Lizzie 7th. Novice team Violet Barton, Esme Jones, Ellen Machin, Joy Rushton, Violet 5th, Esme 8th.

Tetrathlon Championships 14-16 August at Bishop Burton, Jade England (Juniors) and Victoria Sercombe (Open) both put in strong performances

National Championships 21-25 August at Cholmondley in Cheshire. Our Novice SJ team gave fantastic performance and won the National Novice Championship

Burghley Team Show Jumping 3 September. Our team at the Burghley Horse Trials Pony Club Show Jumping competition was Aimee Asher, Laura Hedger, Ellen Machin, Victoria Sercombe, second in Best Turnout

National Novice SJ Champions – Violet Barton, Molly Brown, Hannah Spray, Lily Walker


 2015 Pony Club Championships 

QHPC Novice Show Jumping Team win at the Pony Club National Championships


On Saturday 21 August the QHPC Novice SJ Team competed at the National Championships at Cholmondley Castle in Cheshire.

40 teams (160 riders) from all over the UK and Ireland competed over 2 rounds. Both courses proved challenging, but Molly, Violet, Lily and Hannah swept aside all competition to become the best team in the country.


What a fantastic performance. The team finished both taxing rounds on a total of only 4 faults, with double clears for Lily and Hannah.

They were immaculately turned out and all rode beautifully and were presented with a magnificent trophy



2014 Pony Club Championships


Sunday 17/8 – 2nd place for Lucy (on the right of the photo) in the Intermediate Eventing
Monday 18/8 – Great clear XC round from Izzy and good dressage. Good dressage and SJ from Eva.
Friday 15/8 Lizzie jumped 1 round, but then withdrew as Tom was not feeling quite right.
Our Intermediate dressage team excelled, finishing 4th (the 4th best team in the country) with Lucy winning her section and Alix coming 4th.
Lucy went into the ride-off, and finished 6th in this.
Lizzie                Rose                Lucy                Alix
 Lizzie                Alix                Rose                Lucy
Saturday 16/8 – SJ not so successful. Double clear from Lizzie and clear 2nd round from Harriet.
Alix followed yesterday’s success with 10th place in the Dressage to Music, despite the music stopping soon after she started.