Saturday February 24, 2024
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Team Selection Policy


Team selection (and possible reserves) will be made by team managers with guidance from both overall QHPC team manager (Liz Murfitt), the DC and team trainers. Anyone with a conflict of interest (e.g. parent, relation, private instructor) will not be part of the selection decision for that team.


To be selected to compete for QHPC at Area level, you must fulfil the requirements as detailed in the relevant discipline Pony Club Rulebook (found on the Pony Club website) and the Area 6 policy (found on the Area 6 website).

The DC must be satisfied that you are both competent and safe at the competing level. You must have attended at least 3 QHPC activities since 1 July last year, one of which must be mounted in the current calendar year on the horse/pony on which you will compete.


QHPC enter one or more teams at prestigious BE events where a Pony Club class is scheduled. These events are usually only by invitation and the usual classes are:    

  • Thorseby SJ (April) – one 80 cm team
  • Chatsworth SJ (May) – one 80cm or 100cm team
  • Burghley SJ (Sept) – one team 100cm+
  • Blenheim Arena Eventing (Sept) – one 90cm and/or 100cm team
  • Osberton SJ (Oct) – 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 100cm

To be selected for any of these team events, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must be an active QHPC member (i.e. take part in QHPC activities)
  • You must attend at least one QHPC training session or Clear Round SJ in the current year at the relevant height on the horse you intend competing on. Dates will be circulated.


QHPC members make their own entries to these competitions and should inform the relevant team manager of their entry. Once entries are known, members will be put in teams by team managers with guidance from both overall QHPC team manager (Liz Murfitt), the DC and team trainers.

QHPC Overall Team Manager – Liz Murfitt, 07976 812677

Height                Team Manager                               Team Trainer

100cm                 Julie Mann                                      Sam Hobbs

                            07752 253772


80/90cm              Verity Cave                                      Rachael Fairbrother

                            07927 194266                                 07810 696959


50/70cm              Jenny Mee                                       Julie Mann

                            07813 846886                                 07752 253772


It is important that you and your pony/horse are correctly turned out as advised by QHPC. Plaiting is required for all Dressage and SJ competitions. Team managers will make sure you have a list of what is required.