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What are the ‘Area’s’?

Every Pony Club is part of a larger regional grouping. We are part of Area 14. Every year, there are Area competitions, mainly in July, for the branches in our area in four disciplines: Tetrathlon, Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping. These are at all levels: Regional, Novice, Intermediate and Open.

Team Training
The Royal Artillery is always keen for as many members as possible to take part at these competitions.  To this end, we run a large training squad who are invited to attend training sessions during the spring and early summer. This squad is very flexible and open. Team members are normally selected from this group for all the disciplines. Training sessions give us an opportunity to see you and your horse/pony on a regular basis which is very helpful. Attendance at rallies is also highly recommended (this is where you are likely to be ‘spotted’). To represent the Branch in a team, it is our policy that you have attended 3 working rallies in the current year


Regional – 70cm & 80cm

PC90 (equivalent to BE 90) – 90cm

PC100 (equivalent to BE100) – 1m

PC Open (equivalent to BE Novice) or 1m10cm

Chairmans Cup 1m.05


Regional – 70cm & 80cm can go up to 95cm

Novice – 90cm (can go up to 1.05m at National finals)

Intermediate – 1m Open – 1.1m

Open – 1m10 to 1m15 in the second round


For those members interested in the Dressage competition the following tests can be downloaded from

Dressage Tests (
Prelim PC70 Test 2022
Grassroots PC80 2018
PC Novice Test 2020
PC Intermediate Test 2024
PC Open Dressage Test 2020
In addition to Area Team competitions there are many Interbranch competitions, we will email schedules out to all members.


Interbranch competitions are great fun, and a brilliant way to learn about good team spirit. You can enter as individuals, Lucia will then organise RA Teams 

Lucia is our Team co-ordinator at Branch level, please contact her if you would like to be part of an  RA Team