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Polo – Want to know more?
Anyone can come and have a go, so why don’t you?  It’s great fun.
But I don’t have a polo stick, so I can’t – yes you can, you can borrow an RA polo stick.
But my pony has never played before – many haven’t – we get them started.
Most take to it easily.
What do I need? Yourself in riding gear including your riding hat, your pony and tack, and some bandages or protective boots to go on all four of your pony’s legs;  oh, and the ability to plait you pony’s tail (with or without help – and we will show you how it’s done) and to tape it up.
The players wear white jeans rather than jodhpurs – yes, how cool is that?  But you don’t need to have white jeans to come and have a go.  Just wear your jodhpurs (unless you have some white jeans and want to wear them)
How do I get started? We hold stick and ball training sessions at Tidworth polo club, Tedworth House, Tidworth on the practice ground on many Sundays throughout the summer.
Are there matches? Yes – the summer tournaments are held in July and August.
The 3 qualifying tournaments are in late July and and the Championships are held in August at Cowdray Polo Club (Midhurst, West Sussex) .
How many are in a team? 4
How much fun is it? MASSIVE FUN – HUGE!
Come and have a go! Want to know more? Just ask, contact is Georgina Spring:

POLO TRAINING AT TIDWORTH: See the tab below for dates

There is also a Pony Club Polo FaceBook page where you can find out the latest news on other Pony Club polo rallies, tournaments and events (we welcome each other to our events and rallies) also for general information and ponies wanted and for sale.