Tuesday September 28, 2021
For National Pony Club updates and information please go to pcuk.org

Tetrathlon Manager: Katie Mahony & Sarah Barnes

With initial enquiries/queries, please contact southoxfordshirecentral@pcuk.org 

If you want/need tri kit, please go to

www.serioussport.co.uk and follow directions below…

click on Get your kit,  then on serious sport on right hand side, then find your club, south east region and scroll down.

Otherwise speak to Kate M!

Recommended kit for tetrathlon (if competing at championships, otherwise invest in what you feel like): 
Riding phase – same as for SOHC XC: Navy silk with white stars, SOHC navy baselayer
Swimming – SOHC swim hat (get from Tamsin), polo T shirt
Shooting – Polo T shirt (protective eyewear available from Clive Hawkins £1.50-£2), equipment can be borrowed from the club 
Running – Run vest

SOHC Triathlon: Date to be confirmed.

1. Scoring change to 3pts / sec for running and 3 pts / sec for swimming
2. Slip rail and mounting block changes including a time change from 30 to 60 secs for gate and slip rail
3. Recommendation of safety glasses for shooting
4. Increased speed on XC from 350 m/min to 450m / min for Juniors and 475m / min for Inters / Open
5. Mixed gender teams
6. Shooting targets to be fixed height
7. Tadpoles are renamed to Intros and under 8 become Beanies!