Wednesday May 27, 2020
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A couple of our hardy PC supporters enjoying the XC rally at Tweseldown last week.









Congratulations to Beli, Phoebe and Daisy in the tet organised by OBH Chilterns.   They were team 3rd in the minis age group, with the girls being 6th, 7th and 9th respectively.  The minis are children aged between 10 and 12yrs – they have to do a 2 hand turning shoot, 1km run, 2min swim and XC over 75/80cm jumps.  We are always looking for new members to join in, please do contact Tamsin or Kate M for further info.

Congratulations also go to Dillon who completed his first tri as a beanie.  He was 5th overall and his mixed team were 1st!  Beanie’s have to do a beanbag throw, 500m run and a 1min swim.  If you are interested, please do speak to Tamsin or Kate M.










Pony Club have confirmed that the Area 12 eventing will be held at Keysoe EC on Saturday 25 July 2020.


Big congratulations to Mollie Palmer for passing her B Horse and Pony Care test and to Tilly Gawthorn, Lottie Wilcox Lane, Molly Miller and Harriet Gresty Evans (SOHS) for passing their D test.


















You can’t have missed the fact that equine flu has been playing havoc in the racing world and has had knock effects in other parts of the horse world too. Please check the individual policy of venues that you are competing or training at as many have differing guidelines. For pony club rallies the following applies:

‘It is important that you make sure that your ponies/horses are up to date with their vaccinations.  We ask that you do not attend any rallies until your ponies/horses are fully covered.  We will be checking passports and you can either bring your passports along to any rallies that you are attending or email them to me at least a week beforehand.  Any out of date or unvaccinated ponies/horses will not be able to take part in rallies. If you are unsure whether they are fully covered then please contact your vet for advice.

Please find attached guidelines from the BEF after the current outbreak of Equine Flu