Tuesday September 28, 2021
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Our Rallies and Events
The SOHC Show at Tythrop Park

The SOHC Show at Tythrop Park

Working Rallies

The Pony Club HQ view working rallies as “the backbone of the Pony Club” and indeed to qualify for any of the teams you need to have attended at least three working rallies – since the previous July 1st, in order to be eligible to represent the Branch.  Summer Camp counts as one working rally.  The SOHC working rallies are divided into small groups of 3 – 8 riders and provide an hour or more of instruction with members of a similar ability and usually include an element of jumping when appropriate.

Flatwork Rallies

Similar to the working rally but without the jumping element, these rallies are for those who can canter altogether and aim to work towards the basic principals of the Pony Club Dressage Tests. 

Stable Management

These are dismounted rallies and grouped according to those members working towards the various Pony Club Tests.  They are open to everyone and are well supported throughout the year.

Show Jumping Training

Similar to the Working and Flatwork Rallies, these training sessions are graded according to ability and open to those members who can confidently jump 2ft off the lead rein. 

Mounted Games Practices

A number of mounted games practices are held for all those who would like to come along and try out and qualify for either the Senior, Junior or Novice Teams.  All ages and abilities are welcome and it a great way to meet new friends and have fun!  If you qualify for a team though, you are expected to turn up to the practices prior to any of the Competitions. 

Tetrathlon, Triathlon, Horse Trials, Polocrosse and much more…

The SOHC participates in all the above and more – keep an eye out in each of the programmes and come along and have a go!  Please do speak to the various Team Managers and Contacts as they will help and advise you to ensure that you enjoy each new experience!

Fun Rides and Social Events

Throughout the year we hold a number of fun rides and social events, which provide our members with the opportunity to get together, meet our Committee and the chance to catch up with everyone in the Branch – Juniors and Seniors alike.  Treasure Hunt rides, Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas Parties, Quiz Evenings and Talks from guest speakers.  We very much welcome any suggestions from our members, so if you have any great ideas for future events – let us know!