Tuesday September 28, 2021
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What to wear

Dress Code for All Mounted Rallies

Plain, clean and tidy please (both rider and pony)!

For you – the rider

A hard hat (please see list below) is a mandatory requirement and must have a Pony Club tag to show that it has been inspected at Branch level by either our DC or Anita Baker.  Black or navy hat cover with hair tied back or in a hairnet.

  • A white shirt and pony club tie, or SOHC pony club polo shirt and sweatshirt.
  • Cream, beige, black or navy jodhpurs.
  • Pony Club Badge and test felt to be worn on the left side.
  • Black or brown jodhpur boots and chaps or long riding boots (NO wellies or trainers).
  • Gloves, black, brown or navy and plain whips – nothing pink or sparkly!
  • No earrings or jewellery.
  • A body protector for jumping and cross country.
  • Medical armbands are compulsory for cross country.
  • Spurs if worn may be no longer than 3cm and must be fitted with the curve pointing downwards.  They must be blunt and without rowels or sharp edges.  Written permission to wear them must be given by the DC and carried with you.

Hats and Body Protectors


Please make sure that both parents and members read this:

To download the full hat rule for 2016, please click here.
To download the full body protector rule for 2016, please click here.

Your Horse or Pony

  • Saddle and bridle in black or brown (no coloured bridles or reins please!).
  • Saddle cloths or Numnahs in plain black, brown, white or navy with no coloured binding or lettering.
  • Girth in black or brown.
  • Boots in black, brown or white.

Please do regularly check your tack and stitching as you may not be able to ride if it is in an unsafe condition.

The ponies need to be well turned out, but not showing smart!  Clean tack in good order, which is well fitting is important as the instructor will check it.

Dress Code for dismounted rallies

Pony Club sweatshirt or team hoody, polo shirt, jodhpurs and Wellington or riding boots.

Dress Code for the various disciplines, team events and competitions.

Please check with the Team Manager who will be able to advise you for each discipline or competition.  Medical armbands are compulsory for cross-country competitions.

We have a range of SOHC Branch clothing which is available from Ruth Duffy and the various items are listed on the website under Merchandise along with her contact details.