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A and AH Test

Any members interested in taking the Pony Club A Test please contact asap – all information on the A Test  and A Test training days can be found here and training days can be found here

Nominations are now open for the AH test being hosted by Area 19 this year –  Area 19  are holding an AH Test on Wednesday 14th October 2020 at Ovenstone Equine, Anstruther, Fife, KY10 2RR.  

Information on the AH test can be found here 

Bookings and payment can be made via  
The closing date for nomination form submission is the 16th September 2020.  

Please return the completed nomination form to before 16th September.  Please mark on the nomination form the date payment to Area 19 was made.


Achievement Badges
Information for Achievement Badges is available via these links:

Achievement Badges

Mini Achievement Badges

Competition Badges

Links for  workbooks, wordsearches and questions to help with some of the achievement and mini achievement badges:-

Practise for Knot Badge – link to YouTube videos

Fitness Workbook

Working Dogs Workbook.pptx

Wildlife Workbook.pptx

Saddlery Workbook -mini.pptx

Poisonous Plants Workbook.ppt

Points of the Horse

Pet Sense Mini Achievement Badge – Diary Template

Pet Sense Achievement Badge – Diary Template

Native Breeds Workbook

Mucking Out Workbook -mini.pptx

Horse Clothing Workbook -mini.pptx

Farming Workbook -mini.pptx

Equine Behaviour Workbook

Colours and Markings Workbook – mini.pptx

Care of the Foot Workbook – mini

Birds Workbook -mini.pptx

Bird Watching Workbook.pptx

Badge Wordsearch Tack Cleaning 2019

Badge Wordsearch Shoeing 2019

Badge Wordsearch Points of the Horse 2019

Badge Wordsearch Mucking Out 2019

Badge Wordsearch First Aid Equine 2019

Badge Questions Turnout of Pony and Rider 2019

Badge Questions Tack Cleaning 2019

Badge Questions Security Awareness 2019

Badge Questions Saddlery 2019

Badge Questions Plaiting 2019

Badge Questions Perfect Paddock 2019

Badge Questions Mucking Out 2019

Badge Questions Lorinery 2019

Badge Questions Loading 2019

Badge Questions Handling and Grooming 2019

Badge Questions First Aid Equine 2019

Badge Questions Field Safety 2019

Badge Questions Feeding 2019

Badge Questions Equipment Safety 2019

Badge Questions Dressage Arenas 2019


Area 19 B Test and AH Test current weekly Online Training bookings available via Area 19 website.


The tests are an important part of the Pony Club.  They are not meant to be frightening, but rather to show how well you can ride and look after your pony.  Its a great way to show how responsible you are.  There are 5 tests, E is the easiest and A is the most difficult.  You need to do each test in turn, so its E, then D, then D+, then Riding and Road Safety, then C, then C+, then B (which has 2 parts – Riding Test and Horse and Pony Care Test), then AH and finally the A Test.  The Pony Club A Test is a really really important test and is recognised worldwide as an excellent qualification.  After you have passed each test you will be given a certificate for your wall and a different coloured felt to put under your pony club badge on your hacking jacket.

E is Citron Yellow, D is yellow, D+ is white, C is green, C+ is pink, each part of B is a brown, and then a red when you have both parts, AH is salmon pink, and the A test is a blue felt.  So have a look around the branch members and see how everyone is doing!  You could team up with someone who has the same colour as you, and work towards your next test together.

At every rally you will learn about riding and stable management, so all the time you will be learning something that could help you with the tests.  Each test has a syllabus, which is just a list of things you need to know.  Our Branch has some copies of these syllabi so please come and ask Kim Allan for a copy and then you can see how much you know.  We are hoping to do E, D, D+  and now perhaps C tests at Junior Camp, so you’ll have a chance to get lots of different colours behind your badge!  Then Senior Camp will give you the chance to prepare for C+, B, and after that you’ll have to work hard with everyone helping you to get the AH and A badges.  Its a ladder of responsibility to work up whilst you are having fun, always improving and learning about horse management and care.

There are books with details of the syllabus for all the Pony Club Tests available from “Equine Working Notebooks”  but do remember that your Manual of Horsemanship is full of everything you need to know!

Pony Club Tests
If you are needing to know what the tests involve, please look on the Pony Club web site under the test and achievement badges tab.

Books providing details of the syllabus for Pony Cub Tests are available from Equine Working Notebooks.

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